Plan Orders & Class Rules

This is the page to order a set of Australian Sailfish plans, plus a few other bits of information.

In November 2016 Jack Carroll gave his OK for plans for the Australian Sailfish to be made available online.

So if you’re disillusioned at the exorbitant cost of sailing then you have come to the right place, because that’s how we feel too. You CAN stay in the sport without spending a fortune. Here is an excellent way to start the next chapter in your sailing adventure, with a free set of Australian Sailfish plans.

Jack’s philosophy, and the philosophy of this website is simple – affordable excitement!

To order a full set of plans and building instructions fill in the online request form at the bottom of this page.

Note that we have had reports of some full-size printouts from the download not being accurate. The files have been cross checked and their accuracy confirmed, so if this does occur it is a problem with the printing process. When you have the plans printed be sure to double check the result. It might help to write down a key vertical and horizontal measurement from the PDF and then cross check the printout against these before you leave the printer. If they are not exact ask for the print to be done again.

When building from the downloaded plans ALWAYS CHECK THE MEASUREMENTS; if there is any doubt at all, use the measurements from the frame plan sheets and not the templates.

There have been requests for up to date Class Rules; as the Australian Sailfish is a historic class and until such time as the Victorian Association Minute books are located to allow us to confirm the latest official Class Rules, we provide File 4 (see below) as a ‘guide’ to the rules. Please note that many of the Class Rules are already incorporated into the Building Instructions.


In July 2017, to assist with construction, Ian Urban prepared a 3D model PDF of the Australian Sailfish. To view this as a rotatable model you will need to download and install Adobe Acrobat Reader DC for either Windows or Mac. The link for the Mac install is here:

Acrobat Reader DC install

Note that there is also a link to the Windows install at the top of the page.

And a link to a YouTube “how to” for the model is here:

Australian Sailfish 3D model “how to”

To download the PDF Sailfish 3D model, please request it via the Contact page and we will send it on.

When the Australian Sailfish file is opened with Reader you should be able to click and grab the image and rotate it to change the view. If the page appears to be clear (no image) double click on the page.


In conclusion, the Plans and Building Instructions will be supplied as four files:

File 1 – Building Instructions.pdf

File 2 – Frames.pdf

File 3 – Sail measurements.pdf

File 4 – Australian Sailfish Class Rules Summary 2017


To download a set of plans please register below, this will then generate a message to the site administrator who will then email you a set of plans.