Sean Colahan about to head out on 11 Gladiator. [By J O Colahan, Parkdale Yacht Club, early 1960’s]
Sean Colahan on Gladiator, Australian Sailfish number 11. Number 11 was Pat Carroll’s first Sailfish which he then sold to Sean. [By J O Colahan, Parkdale Yacht Club, early 1960’s]
Parkdale Water Regatta results from the 1960’s local paper. Sailfish Division and oh look, the top two names seem familiar to many of us. [Parkdale local paper, mid 1960’s]
Seacraft Easy Build Boat Plans Number Fifteen. Sailfish for Cadets. [By J O Colahan, Beaumaris Beach, after 14 February 1966]


Sean Colahan on Number 11, Gladiator, off Parkdale. [By J O Colahan, Parkdale, early 1960’s]
Chelsea Yacht Club 1965. Sail of number 4 Kitti, owned by Bruce Walker in the foreground, and number 88 Radiant, owned by Jack Carroll behind that and a couple of unidentified Sailfish in the background. Photo taken for Australia Post magazine. [By J O Colahan, Chelsea Yacht Club, December 1965]

Steven Floyd and alert crew on Grub, 3274, originally owned by Brett Ramsdale. [Floyd family album, Lake Eppalock, early 1980’s]

Steven Floyd on Grub, 3274. [Floyd family album, Lake Eppalock, early 1980’s]


Two legends of the class, Chris Cleary and Jack Carroll, Chris accepting the Jack Carroll Trophy from the man himself. [By Warwick Norton, Bendigo Yacht Club, 6 October 2018]
A hint at the sailing conditions on the day, Oscar Forbes sailing Martin Kortlucke’s old boat (we really have to find a name for it) at Lake Eppalock. [By Warwick Norton, Lake Eppalock, 6 October 2018]
Ogg, back at Lake Eppalock. Previously a regular here, campaigned by Lindsay Phillips and then by Sue Hill, Ogg now resides in Brisbane. [By Warwick Norton, Bendigo Yacht Club, 6 October 2018]
3365 Super Trooper in the foreground with Craig Conn and 3411 in the background. [By Greg Barwick, Bendigo Yacht Club, 6 October 2018]
From the left – Bruce, bow of Janus, bow of Jack’s Toy, 3334 Gonzo the Great, 3330 Stanley Crocodile, 3365 Super Trooper & 3411. [By Greg Barwick, Bendigo Yacht Club, 6 October 2018]
3365 Super Trooper, 3411 behind 3330 Stanley Crocodile, 1918 Janus, 2028 on its side mast toward camera, 3461 Jack’s Toy, 3334 Gonzo the Great, green & white striped sail is Martin Kortlucke’s old boat, and 1800 Ogg. [By Greg Barwick, Bendigo Yacht Club, 6 October 2018]
Bruce on Little Osprey 1958 Albert Prk 2
Gybe Ho! Bruce Scott on Little Osprey, Australian Sailfish number 1 about to test the rigging. [Scott family album, Albert Park Lake, 1958]
Bruce Little Osprey 1958 Albert Prk.jpg
Bruce Scott on Little Osprey, Australian Sailfish number 1. This is it, the very first one. [Scott family album, Albert Park Lake, 1958]
Bruce and Jack on Little Osprey.jpg
Bruce Scott (L) and Margaret (we think) on Little Osprey, note the tiny diamonds and end boom sheeting, so Tony Hastings wasn’t the first! [Scott family album, Port Phillip, late 1950’s]
Bruce &  Jim .jpg
Bruce Scott (L) and Jim Fyvie, on the beach at Elwood, check out the aluminium mast and the paintwork, Bruce was a sign writer by trade. [Scott family album, Port Phillip, late 1950’s?]
Brian Carroll on Jack’s Toy on the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club Opening Day. [By unknown, Paynesville, 7 October 2017]
sc0019 copy
Rigging area at Lake Mokoan Sailing Club, 1981/82 National Titles. [Norton Family album, Lake Mokoan, Dec. 81/Jan. 82]
sc0001 copy
Sign created by Harry Russell for the 1981/82 National Titles sailed at Lake Mokoan. [Norton Family album, Lake Mokoan, December 1981]
Glenn Bowles on 1250 Bounty leads obscured, 3342 Glasshopper, 3200 Port & Claret (?) and Chris Cleary on 1918 Janus at the 1976/77 National Titles. [Bowles Family Album, Lake Learmonth, Dec. 76/Jan. 77]
w&c_bc cadet sailfish racing
Brian Carroll on 1336, Speedy Gonzales, Cadet Rig at Elwood. [Carroll Family Album, Elwood, 1968]


1870 ‘Off, Inverloch. [By Hans Schepers, Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta, Australia Day 2014]
w&c_bc cadet sailfish beach
11 year old Brian Carroll with his Cadet Rig Sailfish 1336 Speedy Gonzales on the beach at Elwood. [Carroll Family Album, Elwood, 1968]
Chris Drury on 3456 Blowed if I Know. [By Hans Schepers, Cairn Curran, 25 November 2017]
Brian Carroll on 3461 Jack’s Toy & Chris Cleary on 1918 Janus. [By Hans Schepers, Cairn Curran, 25 November 2017]
Mrs Vicious out on the Cairn again. [By Hans Schepers, Cairn Curran, 25 November 2017]
3461 Jack’s Toy, 1918 Janus & 3250 Stanley Crocodile (3330) with the Ockerfish rig. [By Hans Schepers, Cairn Curran, 25 November 2017]
The Southern Sailfish Trail is alive again! Chris Cleary and Janus on Lake Wendouree. [By Jenny Cleary, Ballarat, 28 November 2017]
A different perspective, Stanley Crocodile, Mrs Vicious, Bruce! and Apsu. [By Greg Barwick, Mount Tarrengower Lookout, 27 November 2017]
Mrs Vicious back on Cairn Curran. [By Jenny Cleary, Cairn Curran, 25 November 2017]
Jack’s Toy. [By Greg Barwick, Cairn Curran, 25 November 2017]
Saturday morning and waiting as the wind backs, 2028 Bruce!, 1375 Mrs Vicious, 3456 Blowed if I Know, 2192 Apsu, 600 Helen. [By Greg Barwick, Cairn Curran, 25 November 2017]
This will bring back a few memories of trips past, Stanley, Mrs Vicious and Bruce! loaded and ready to go. [By Greg Barwick, Diamond Creek, 24 November 2017]
Jack’s Toy loaded and ready for the off. Cairn Curran here they come! [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 23 November 2017]
1977 Lake Learmonth Aust Sailfish Championships
Helter Skelta, 1925, skipper John Vaughn, unknown, Greg Barwick, 1976/77 Learmonth National Titles. [Vaughn Family Album, Lake Learmonth, Dec. 76/Jan.77]
Craig Conn in V jumper with his lightweight second Sailfish at the 1987/88 Victorian State Titles. [Conn Family album, Waranga Basin, 1987/88]
Craig Conn’s first Sailfish. [Conn Family album, Lake Eppalock, 1983]


Well, it might be cold, and wet, and miserable, and cold down here in Victoria but some people are making progress!

The original sail from John’s boat 1806, somewhat well past the restoration phase, so Brian at Unique Sails is making him a new one. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 17 August 2017]
image 2.jpg
John Parkinson’s boat on the restore trail, number 1806, originally built by Jim French. [By John Parkinson, East Gippsland, 7 September 2017]
Brian’s boat, deck finish coat under the lights. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 7 September 2107]
Brian’s new boat, finish coat on. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 31 August 2017]
Dean Clementson with his then new hull Hot Stuff and his original boats rig. Dean’s first boat was Pegasus, 73, built by Jim Fyvie. This was the starting point for the Camperdown fleet. [Clementson Family Album, Camperdown, date unknown]
Leigh Marriott and Mrs Vicious, 1375 with Rob Champion’s Sish, 1302 in the background. [Marriott family album, Elwood, first Sailfish National Titles, Dec. 68/Jan.69]
Leigh Marriott sailing Mrs Vicious, standard life jacket for the times. [Marriott family album, Cairn Curran, late 1960’s?]
Jim Robinson on 1856 Telstar and an unknown going the barge, Cairn Curran. [Marriott family album, Cairn Curran, date unknown but probably early 70’s]
1967 006
Sailfish on the beach, Elwood. Sailfish with ash deck towards camera is 666, Alan Gerrand’s boat, 673 is Greg Humphrey’s boat, 244 & 245 are John and Eric Miller’s, from Beaumaris Yacht Club, others unknown. [By unknown, Elwood, 1967 or 1968]


A bit of nostalgia, Prior Sails leaflet for the Australian Sailfish, front and back pages. Some of the facts may be Alternate Facts (!). For those younger than 50, the price shown is one Pound, or two dollars
NLSC2114&2159_IanMiltonWarrenJones_WendoureeSailfishNats1980_2 2
Ian Milton, 2114 and Rodney Jones, 2136, 1979/80 Nationals. [Milton Family Archive, Lake Wendouree, Ballarat, December 1979/January 1980]
Fleet Start, 1981/82 Nationals, Lake Mokoan. Are you in this picture? [Milton Family Archive, Lake Mokoan, January 1982]
James Champion, Floogle, 1852 with Clag, 1802 in the background. Indented Head (?), Victorian State Titles  [Champion family album, Port Phillip (?), 1971/72(?)]

 James was Victorian Junior Champion in 1971/72 and Australian Junior Champion in 1971/72 (tied with Brian Carroll) and again in 1973/74.


The versatile Sailfish, always handy when a camping table is required. [By Ian Milton, Ballarat, 19 March 2017]
Just some of the rest of the fleet, Heavyweight Sharpie, Paper Tiger, Lightweight Sharpie, Heavyweight Sharpie. [By Greg Barwick, Lake Wendouree, 18 March 2017]
The before shot, Chris Drury and Ian Milton, Lake Wendouree, January 1980. [By The Courier, Ballarat, January 1980]
The after shot, they haven’t changed a bit, Chris Drury and Ian Milton, Lake Wendouree, just a mere 37 years later! [By Greg Barwick, Lake Wendouree, 18 March 2017]
Bruce!, Stanley Crocodile, Blowed if I Know, Apsu, Gwen 12 and VJ in the background. [By Greg Barwick, Lake Wendouree, 18 March 2017]
Sailfish 1808, Cobra, owner Ken O’Brien, it’s first outing since 1972, restored by Ken after he visited the ICWDR this year. [By Greg Barwick, Lake Wendouree, 18 March 2017]
Sailfish 600, Helen, at her new home and just waiting for the creek to rise. [By Ken Maynard, Diamond Creek, 19 February, 2017]
Pat Carroll, GTK. [By unknown, Port Phillip, mid 1970’s]
Brian Carroll, Pol, 3244. [By Lindsay Phillips, Edwardes Lake Park, 1973/74]
Kitti, Sailfish number 4, Boat show display? [By unknown, 1960’s, Melbourne]
David Houston, 1965?, Parkdale.jpeg
David Houston, 208, Brolga, Parkdale, 1965? [By unknown, Parkdale, mid 1960’s]
Craig Ginnivan, Bobby Dazzler, Cairn Curran. [By unknown, Cairn Curran, date unknown]
1979/80 National Titles, Lake Wendouree. From left, Chris Drury on 3390, David Spiers on 3352, a Ginnivan?, Neville or Colin Bilney on 3129, Russell Ansems on 2136, Peter Coburn on 3366, Danny Flynn on 3170. [By unknown, Ballarat, 1980]
Phillip Jones and two sisters, Debonair, Mordialloc, 1960’s. [By Peter Jones, Mordialloc, exact date unknown]
Peter Jones in white hat & Phillip Jones, Mordialloc, c.1973. [By unknown, Mordialloc, 1973]
Ian Milton, Deceptive Bends, Lake Mokoan showing some of it’s more unusual hazards. [By John Milton, Lake Mokoan, 1981]
Ockerfish, 3250, restored. [By Greg Barwick, Essendon, 1980]
Ready for departure for the 1980/81 Toronto Nationals. Four Sailfish on trailer behind Gemini, Ray Cross, Jack Ginnivan (?), Brad(?) Ginnivan. [By Greg Barwick, Essendon, December 1980]
They really are everywhere, found in the rafters, giftware/furniture shop. [By Greg Barwick, Sorrento, 4 November 2016]
Jeff Cole (in McGregor sailing canoe) ahead of ‘Off, 1870, Inverloch, 26 January 2014. [By Hans Schepers, Inverloch, Australia Day 2014]
David Spiers, Holy Handgrenade, 1979/80 Wendouree National Titles. [By Harry Russell, Ballarat, January 1980]
Ian Milton, Make Tracks leads Chris Drury, Muffin, 1979/80 Wendouree National Titles. [By Harry Russell, Ballarat, January 1980]
Fleet at 1979/80 Wendouree National Titles, Ballarat, December 1979. [By unknown, Ballarat, 1979/80]
Steven Floyd, Gargle Blaster, McCrae YC 50th Anniversary Regatta, 26 Nov 2011. [By unknown, Port Phillip, 2011]
Ray Cross, On Target, Lake Bolac. [By Chris Drury, Lake Bolac, Easter 1977]
Chris Drury, Muffin, Lake Wendouree, club race. [ By Kathy Drury, Ballarat, 1980]