Current Header Photo

Ian Milton on 2028, Bruce! at the Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta this year, making it look easy, clown shoes and all! Ian had Bruce! steaming along, leading for much of the Friday race and being right in amongst it again on the Saturday.

Photo by Marion Chapman, Anderson’s Inlet, 27 January 2018.


June 2018 Header Photo

A rare view of the website administrator, right way up and looking like he knows what he is doing. Ray Cross was very cross (ahahahahaha!) about my piece of string boom vang, which didn’t work all that well, but has now been replaced with a real vang.

The restored Stanley Crocodile at the 2018 Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta in January. The Stanley image on the bow was thanks to the kindness of Brad Ginnivan at Moreton Bay Signs and the photo was by Marion Chapman, Anderson’s Inlet, 26 January 2018.

He’s at it again!

Some of us with long memories will remember that our poet from the swamp contributed a stirring poetic effort after last years Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta; well, he’s at it again.

To see this year’s contribution go to the blog post “First News from the 2018 ICWDR” and look for the comment, if you dare!

April 2018 Header Photo

Division 2 Race 1 start at the 2018 Toronto 4 of a Kind Regatta.

From left to right you have Brian Carroll on 3461 Jack’s Toy, Greg Barwick on 3250 Stanley Crocodile, a couple of Impulses, Ian Urban on 2028 Bruce!, John Dowzard on 2188 Gooney Bird, Ian Milton on 2192 Apsu, Chris Cleary on 1918 Janus tucked in behind the starter boat and Royce Powe on Q60 Woody just this side of the starter boat.

Photo by Warwick Norton, Lake Macquarie, 17 March 2018.

Guess who’s coming to Toronto

Nope? Too hard?

OK then, here is is what we know so far . . . . . . .


Jack Carroll


Brian Carroll 3461 Jack’s Toy

Chris Cleary 1918 Janus

Greg Barwick 3250 (or is it 3330?) Stanley Crocodile

Ian Urban 2028 Bruce!

Ian Milton 2192 Apsu – probable starter

We may have a spare boat 2188 Gooney Bird – to be confirmed, and with a bit of luck there might be other Sailfish we don’t know about yet.

Pit Crew

Tony “Bicycle” Bytheway

Graeme Remington

Glenn Bowles

John Dowzard

Chris Leyland

Warwick Norton

Ron Jones – possible starter

Dave Watts – possible starter

Don Watts – possible starter

Three weeks to Toronto

Yep, didn’t that come around fast?

The Notice of Race and Entry Form are in the post below this one, so dust off your sailing gear (has it had time to gather dust since Inverloch?), send in your entry, load the boat(s) and book some accommodation, the Sailfish are coming back to Toronto!

Here are a few highlights, all from the Milton Family Album, of the 1980/81 Australian Sailfish National Titles at Toronto – enjoy!

Regattas for Everyone

Well, March looks like it must be Regatta month.

You might want to attend one, or two, or maybe even three over three weeks, but pretty well wherever you are in Victoria or New South Wales, there is a Regatta to go to.

In date order:

The Paynesville Classic Boat Rally – March 3 & 4, Paynesville Victoria. A celebration of the boating history of the Gippsland Lakes.

Wooden Boat Festival of Geelong – March 10 to 12, Geelong Victoria. Definitely one for the wooden boat fanatic, from very small to very large there will be a wooden boat to be admired.

Toronto Annual Four of a Kind Regatta – March 17 & 18, Toronto, NSW. This is a chance for the NSW Australian Sailfish mob to get back together again, and not all that far from where many of you now live.


So if you want to take along your Sailfish to any or all of these, Google the above names to find out more, or contact the website.