January 2019 Header Photo

Race day at the Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta.

Ian Milton on APSU, 2192 leads Peter Chapman on Gooney Bird, 2188 and Brian Carroll on Supertoy Fish, 3342 approaching the bottom mark. Just behind Peter’s sail you can see the edge of Chris Cleary’s sail on Janus, 1918 and just behind Brian’s sail you can see the edge of Tony Hasting’s sail on Flotsam, 0.

Photo by Tim Wilson, Anderson Inlet, 27 January 2017

The CDCIW is almost here

That’s right, just two weeks to go!

There will be lots of interesting boats to check out, we have that great venue that so many of us know and love, the Cairn Curran Sailing Club, and with a bit of luck and good weather some excellent sailing to be had as well.

My close personal friend, Accuweather, is telling me that the days should be fine and sunny with temperatures in the mid to high twenties and NO thunderstorms forecast, which will be a relief to those of us that were there last year.

Bring your boat, bring your sailing gear and bring your sunscreen, we will see you at Cairn Curran on Saturday morning the 24th!

November 2018 Header Photo

Toronto Amateur Sailing Club Four of a Kind Regatta, March 2018.

From the left, Ian Urban on 2028, Bruce!, Royce Powe on Q60, Woody, John Dowzard on 2188, Gooney Bird, Brian Carroll on 3461, Jack’s Toy, Ian Milton on 2192, Apsu & Chris Cleary on 1918, Janus. Just after the start of Race 1 on Saturday the 17th of March.


Photo by Warwick Norton, Lake Macquarie, 17 March 2018.

Almost time for the CDCIW

Once again we are gearing up for the Classic Dinghy Classes Invitation Weekend, and it’s almost here.

What’s not to love? Cairn Curran, classic boats of all sorts and materials, and lots of Australian Sailfish. With a bit of luck the weather gods will be kinder this year and we won’t have dogs being blown off their chains and thunderstorms circling the lake to keep us (scared?), no, on our toes.

November 24 & 25, Cairn Curran Sailing Club (ccsc.org.au), I hope we will see you there with your timber or your fibreglass Sailfish.


[Photos from a range of sources, see the Gallery for accreditation]

The 2018 CDCIW is almost here!

That’s right, the 2018 Classic Dinghy Classes Invitation Weekend held at Cairn Curran Sailing Club is just six weeks away. Get your boats ready, sort out your accommodation and we will see you there real soon.

Well yeah, it isn’t Cairn Curran, and it isn’t a Sailfish, but it is a classic dinghy!
Here then, last year’s Sailfish fleet at the 2017 CDCIW. [By Greg Barwick, Cairn Curran, 24 November 2017]

Bendigo Yacht Club Opening Day – Report

Photos of the day can be viewed in the Victorian Gallery here:

Victorian Gallery

They came from all over the place; Warwick drove down from Brisbane for the day, as you do, Chris drove down from the Blue Mountains for the day, and Warren Jones even drove across from Terang just to have a look and catch up with us all after a short (!!!) interlude.

We even had one surprise boat as well – Dale Watson turned up with Stewart Wallace’s old boat 3365 Super Trooper, for those of us old enough to remember, and it is in great condition, it has clearly been very well looked after.

Clear skies, light winds and, in the end, nine Sailfish fronted up for a great day that only really lacked in some wind. By about ten the wind was at an exciting three knots (maybe), but from there it faded out to a ghost, a mere zephyr of a breeze, as the day continued. The briefing scheduled a two o’clock start but with a proviso from the locals in the know that it might be delayed and that if we didn’t get a start by three they would pull the pin. Chris and Ken Maynard and I decided we would head out for a drift anyway, can’t have come all that way and not have a sail.

In the end the official race was cancelled due to lack of wind but the racing committee offered up the option of a short race in front of the club if we wanted – we did. The race was run in a light breeze that faded out and was won by Chris Cleary, ahead of Warwick Norton and Craig Conn. Ken O’Brien had a great looking trophy specially made up for the day, and our thanks to Ken for going to the trouble of having that done.

Bendigo Yacht Club made us all feel most welcome and looked after us all very well, as they always have done.

Who turned up? I’m glad you asked:

Warwick Norton – Ogg 1800 plus Martin Kortlucke’s old boat (number unknown)

Chris Cleary – Janus 1918

Ken O’Brien – Bruce! 2028

Greg Barwick – Stanley Crocodile 3330

Ken Maynard – Gonzo the Great 3334

Dale Watson  – Super Trooper 3365

Craig Conn – 3411

Brian Carroll- Jack’s Toy 3461

Jack Carroll – coach

Warren Jones – pit crew

From the left, Chris Cleary, Greg Barwick, Jack Carroll, Ken O’Brien, Ken Maynard, Brian Carroll, Warwick Norton, Craig Conn and Dale Watson. [By Lyn Wallace, Bendigo Yacht Club, 6 October 2018]

Our next event is the Classic Dinghy Classes Invitation Weekend at the end of November, check the Calendar and we will see you there!

October 2018 Header Photo

The 2018 Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta. From the left, Ken Maynard on 3334, Gonzo the Great, Peter Chapman on 2188, Gooney Bird, Ken O’Brien on 1808, Cobra, & Ian Milton on 2028, Bruce, making their way up the first work on Friday the 26th of January.

The 2019 ICWDR is now less than four months away!

Photo by Marion Chapman, Inverloch, 26 January 2018.

Three Weeks to Eppalock

That’s right, just three weeks to go to our opening event of the 2018/19 season, if you haven’t started getting your Sailfish ready yet, it might be time to start panicking!

Version 2Sailfish 25th regatta 1

The above photos show Chris Cleary, John Dowzard, Red Emperor on the trailer and Janus on the roof racks at the 25th anniversary regatta at Lake Eppalock in 1981. Just check out the venue and the number of boats in the background! Photos are from the Dowzard Family album.

And there is a NEW Bendigo yacht Club website, here’s the link:

New Bendigo Yacht Club Home Page

See you there.

Five Weeks

Yep, that’s right, just five weeks today, well it is while I am writing this, until our first event of the year, the Bendigo Yacht Club Opening Day on Saturday October 6.

If you haven’t dragged the boat out yet for a clean up and a check over now might be the time to do it.

Nats, Lake Eppalock 1974-75 001.jpg
1974/75 National Titles, Lake Eppalock. Chris Cleary and 1918 Janus in the foreground, then 1257 Fury, Chris Leyland; 1302 Sish, Robert Champion; 3211 Glogg, Lindsay Phillips; 852 Tiger, skipper unknown; 3250 Ockerfish, Pat Carroll, behind the Puffin, & 1917 Noxal, Graeme Bailey. [By Jenny Browning, Lake Eppalock, Dec. 74/Jan. 75]
Bendigo is Jack Carroll’s home club, so we are hoping for a good turnout on the day, it has been a few years since Bendigo saw a fleet of Australian Sailfish out on Eppalock, so let’s give them a surprise.

Check out the Bendigo Yacht Club website for more details:

New Bendigo Yacht Club Home Page