Newspaper Articles


Full page spread on the 2017 Inverloch Classic Wooden Dingy Regatta. [Great Southern Star, Inverloch, 31 January 2017]


Excerpt from the Great Southern Star newspaper, note that Jack built Debonair in 1956 not 1949 as stated. [Great Southern Star, Inverloch, 31 January 2017]


1977/78 Toronto National Titles. [Newcastle Morning Herald, January 1978]

Seacraft June 1962 Sailfish article by Max Press.jpg

Seacraft Magazine article, by Max Press, June 1962

SailfishAreSatisfyingAndSimple SMH01071978 Text.jpg

Sydney Morning Herald, 1 July 1978.

Seacraft Market Place Sailfish Sept 1967 Zoom.jpg

Seacraft Magazine, September 1967. [By unknown, Location unknown]

Nats, Lake Macquarie 1977-78 013.jpg

Peter Coburn, Stanley Crocodile & Chris Cleary, Janus, 1977/78 National Titles, Lake Macquarie. [By Newcastle Morning Herald, Lake Macquarie, January 1978]

SeeTheSailfish NarrabeenAndMallBoatShow WN25101967.jpg

Jack Carroll, Ace of Spades, Narrabeen Lakes. [Warringah News, 25 October 1967]



Founding of Nepean Sailfish Sailing Club, Murray Bailey on 1960. [Penrith Press, 3 November 1971]


Founding of Nepean Sailfish Sailing Club, Murray Bailey, 1960. [Sporting Argus, Penrith, 13 Oct. 1971]

image3 2.JPG

Neil Bowles, Bounty, 1971/72 National Titles, Narrabeen. [The Manly Daily, January 1972]


Ian Milton, Warren Jones & Paul Kelly, Narrabeen, 1980. [The Manly Daily, January 1981]


Joanne Parish, Chris Cleary, Toronto Nationals 1977/78. [Newcastle Sun, January 1978]


Graeme Bailey leads Chris Cleary, Nepean Sailfish Sailing Club, Nepean River, Penrith, 1974. [Penrith Press, Penrith, 1974]


Jack at Toronto Nationals 1977-78. [Newcastle Sun, January 1978]