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Small version of the photo further down the page. The caption reads: One of the fastest growing centreboard classes in NSW is the Australian Sailfish – homebuilt for $140. Boat pictured on Narrabeen Lakes is Victorian champion “Ace of Clubs”, Jack Carroll.

Sailfish news-page-001.jpg
Second last paragraph right hand column, first Cadet Sailfish. Some of the other stuff makes an interesting read as well. [Power Boat & Yachting, November 1968]
Glenn Bowles on 1250 Bounty at the 1975/76 National Titles on Narrabeen Lakes. [The Manly Daily, Dec. 75/Jan. 76]
And the star of the show is:

IMG_0003 - Inverloch 1
Ken O’Brien and 1808 Cobra, on the beach at the 2018 ICWDR. [South Gippsland Sentinel-Times, February 1 2018]

The following five articles come from some good research by Chris Drury and his mate David, thanks to you both for finding the newspaper reports on the first Learmonth National Titles.

29 Dec 1976 courier.jpg
Ballarat Courier, 29 December 1976
31 Dec 1976 Courier.jpg
Ballarat Courier, 31 December 1976
first jan 1977 courier p 1.jpg
The rest of the above article reads “In demanding conditions defending champion, Chris Cleary, in Janus, went into the lead.
With the wind force increasing officials decided to shorten the course but then race leader Cleary capsized leaving the race wide open for Cross and S. Tait in Borrowed ‘n’ Gleam.
The finish was a thriller with Cross just edging out Cleary for first place.
Tait sailed a creditable race to take out third place.
With three heats to go Cross is a clear leader.
In the junior division G. Bowles sailing Bounty put in a good performance to edge out C. Leyland, Furious, who is putting up some good performances.”  Ballarat Courier, 1 January 1977.
third jan 1977  courier p 14.jpg
Ballarat Courier, 3 January 1977
fourth jan 1977 courier.jpg
Ballarat Courier, 4 January 1977


Full page spread on the 2017 Inverloch Classic Wooden Dingy Regatta. [Great Southern Star, Inverloch, 31 January 2017]
Excerpt from the Great Southern Star newspaper, note that Jack built Debonair in 1956 not 1949 as stated. [Great Southern Star, Inverloch, 31 January 2017]
1977/78 Toronto National Titles. [Newcastle Morning Herald, January 1978]

Seacraft June 1962 Sailfish article by Max Press.jpg
Seacraft Magazine article, by Max Press, June 1962
SailfishAreSatisfyingAndSimple SMH01071978 Text.jpg
Sydney Morning Herald, 1 July 1978.

Seacraft Market Place Sailfish Sept 1967 Zoom.jpg
Seacraft Magazine, September 1967. [By unknown, Location unknown]
Nats, Lake Macquarie 1977-78 013.jpg
Peter Coburn, Stanley Crocodile & Chris Cleary, Janus, 1977/78 National Titles, Lake Macquarie. [By Newcastle Morning Herald, Lake Macquarie, January 1978]
SeeTheSailfish NarrabeenAndMallBoatShow WN25101967.jpg
Jack Carroll, Ace of Spades, Narrabeen Lakes. [Warringah News, 25 October 1967]

Founding of Nepean Sailfish Sailing Club, Murray Bailey on 1960. [Penrith Press, 3 November 1971]
Founding of Nepean Sailfish Sailing Club, Murray Bailey, 1960. [Sporting Argus, Penrith, 13 Oct. 1971]
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Neil Bowles, Bounty, 1971/72 National Titles, Narrabeen. [The Manly Daily, January 1972]
Ian Milton, Warren Jones & Paul Kelly, Narrabeen, 1980. [The Manly Daily, January 1981]
Joanne Parish, Chris Cleary, Toronto Nationals 1977/78. [Newcastle Sun, January 1978]
Graeme Bailey leads Chris Cleary, Nepean Sailfish Sailing Club, Nepean River, Penrith, 1974. [Penrith Press, Penrith, 1974]
Jack at Toronto Nationals 1977-78. [Newcastle Sun, January 1978]