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7 March 2019 – an “as new” sail has become available.


For Sale

Australian Sailfish Sail – While this sail has never been used it is probably at least 20 years old, so I guess that makes it either an “old” new sail, or maybe a “new” old sail, you decide.

New Sailfish sail for sale, with 6 fibreglass battens.

Never used. Sailmaker Giles/Rimington??

$400 or best offer

Contact Charles in Seaford on 03 9786 1270


For Sale

Sailfish almost complete, no known number, but named Aussie Flyer. The hull looks to be an early model, note the bow shape. Hull, mast, boom, rudder and centreboard all look to be in good shape. It is ready to be used pretty well straight away but the sail it comes with is not a standard Sailfish sail, note the four battens and the loose foot in the photo. Located in the Geelong area this is a boat ready to use now and then you could spend your winter doing a full overhaul and fitting a new sail.


Price around the $300 mark, contact the website administrator at for further details.


Wanted: Sailfish Hull 3250, also known as Ockerfish. Last seen Northern Beaches of Sydney in the mid 1980’s. Distinctive appearance, red cedar hull and deck. Deck with twin silver ash inlays down centre of boat. See photo of restored hull in the 1980’s in the gallery. Mast, boom, sail, matching cedar and ash centreboard and rudder have been recovered. If you have the hull or know where it is please contact the website administrator via the contact page, it would more than make my day!