2018 Toronto 4 of a Kind Regatta – Report

You can view the Gallery here: Toronto 4oaK Regatta Gallery


Most of us arrived on Friday evening from near and from far, all ready for a weekend of sailing on a great body of water at a club that had been an important part of the Australian Sailfish history in the 1970’s and 80’s.

Saturday dawned hot with a steady light breeze and as we arrived at the sailing club there were a few surprises. Warwick Norton had come down from Brisbane, without a boat and effectively for the day (!) as he had to head home again on Sunday morning. But by far the biggest surprise was Royce Powe who drove down from Yeppoon with his new build, Q60 Woody. The heat and humidity built as the day progressed, causing some discomfort for us delicate southern types but once we hit the water that became a non-issue.

Race 1 started a bit late in a nice 8 to 10 knot breeze and with seven starters,

Race 1 start, Saturday. [By Warwick Norton, Lake Macquarie, 17 March 2018]
see the list at the end, and we had some good racing back in the pack. Chris Cleary and Brian Carroll clearly wanted no part of it and sailed off away from the rest of us, but I was very happy to take a third place, followed by Ian Milton, Royce Powe, John Dowzard and Ian Urban.

Chris leads Ian and Brian on the beat, Race 1 Saturday. [By Warwick Norton, Lake Macquarie, 17 March 2018]
Due to the late start of Race 1, Race 2 didn’t get underway until after 4 pm, with the wind fading out as the race went on. When it faded right out Chris Cleary and I were caught in a hole on the wrong side of the course while Brian and Ian had picked the correct option and sailed through to pluck first and second with Chris third.

Royce leads Ian and Brian, Race 2 Saturday. [By Warwick Norton, Lake Macquarie, 17 March 2018]
Saturday night was a chance to get together at the Toronto Diggers for a meal and some catching up, with twenty of us, including partners, getting together. Honourable mentions here to Joanne Parish (as was) and her husband Geoff, and to Glenn Bowles and his partner Mel, who turned up to catch up.

Sunday dawned HOT, with winds forecast to reach VERY by the afternoon. Some of us decided not to rig up, while a few of us did rig up but were very uncertain as to whether we would get on the water at all. Chris Johnson (ex Mokoan) turned up with his family to check out the action, unfortunately just missing Warwick who had headed off home. In the end the temperature peaked at 41 degrees, which is just bloody silly for the back half of March and the forecast nor’wester waited until after the briefing before it kicked in with a vengeance. Come race time and four brave Sailfish souls hit the water, but only the three most experienced skippers took the start. Brian, Ian and Chris gave an excellent display of survival sailing in conditions that started at 16 gusting 19 knots and finished at around the 26 knot mark as the second race of the day finished.

Ian Milton leads Chris Cleary in Race 2 on Sunday. [By John Dowzard, Lake Macquarie, 18 March 2018]
You can get some idea of the conditions from the last minute or so of the video that Ian Urban has prepared for us.

At the end of the Regatta, Brian won from Chris, with Ian in third, myself in fourth and Royce in fifth place. To Jack’s delight we were the largest class there and the Sailfish won the Division 2 4oaK Perpetual Trophy, getting our name back up on the Toronto Amateur Sailing Club Honour Board again after all these years.

Jack Carroll with the Division 2 4oaK Regatta Perpetual Trophy, won by the Australian Sailfish. [By John Dowzard, Toronto, 18 March 2018]
Our thanks go out to the Committee and members of TASC. It takes a lot of work to put on a Regatta like this and they did a great job, everyone there enjoyed themselves even when the weather was less kind than it could have been.

Ian Urban did a great job, again, putting together video footage that really captured the highlights of the event as well as providing some light humour, check it out, it can be seen here:

2018 Toronto 4oaK Regatta

And many thanks to all those who made the time and the effort to turn up, it was very good to meet and catch up with you all again.


Jack Carroll


Brian Carroll 3461 Jack’s Toy

Chris Cleary 1918 Janus

Ian Milton 2192 Apsu

Greg Barwick 3250 (or is it 3330?) Stanley Crocodile

Royce Powe Q60 Woody

John Dowzard 2188 Gooney Bird

Ian Urban 2028 Bruce!

Pit Crew

Tony “Bicycle” Bytheway

Graeme Remington

Glenn Bowles

Chris Leyland

Warwick Norton

Chris Johnson

Ian Naylor


Greg Barwick & Vicky

Chris Cleary

Ian Milton

Brian Carroll

Jack Carroll

Ian Urban

John Dowzard

Graeme Remington

Tony Bytheway

Glenn Bowles & Mel

Joanne Marshall (Parish) & Geoff

Chris Leyland & Kris

Rob Barwick & Joy

Warwick Norton