Video Links

It has been suggested, and I think it is a good idea, that as well as putting video links into the various reports and blogs, we create a Video Page, where all the links will be duplicated for easy finding. So here it is then, enjoy.


10 June 2019 – Jack Carroll OAM at the 2019 ICWDR on his original Australian Sailfish, built in 1956, number 2, Debonair

Jack on Debonair at the 2019 ICWDR


26 May 2019 – Unfortunately the 2017 & 2018 ICWDR videos that were linked through this website have been removed from Vimeo and so are no longer available. I hope that we can find out what happened and have them restored in the future. In the meantime, enjoy the other videos below.


Another from Warwick, this time the clew end view of sailing an Australian Sailfish at Inverloch:

Inverloch 2019 Clew end view


From Warwick in Brisbane, we’ve all been there:

How NOT to gybe an Australian Sailfish


Video footage from the 2018 Toronto 4 of a Kind Regatta, thanks to Ian Urban and his editing skills:

2018 Toronto 4oaK Regatta


Here is a blast from the past, on YouTube, a video from Simon Townsend’s Wonder World around 1981, good for a laugh and for some great closeup shots of tacking and gybing technique:

Sailfish on Simon Townsend’s Wonder World


Here is the link to the NSW Sailfish Association 50th Anniversary get together on 29 April, where else but at Narrabeen! This was filmed and compiled by Ian Urban and for an even better experience of the video you might want to set the quality to 1080p when it opens on YouTube, and while you are there feel free to give a “like” and add a comment:

NSWSA 50th Anniversary Get Together


This next one is Tony Hasting’s GoPro video of his somewhat unorthodox Australian Sailfish, appropriately named Flotsam:

Tony Hastings at the 2017 ICWDR


For those of you who commit Facebook, this next one is available for your viewing pleasure:

Hayden Ramsdale’s footage, 2017 ICWDR