New South Wales

Chris Cleary on his new boat, Westerly, 2218. [By Ian Watson, Wentworth Falls Lake, January 2019]
Astrid Norton with Gus, 1414, the Sailfish that launched a thousand NSW skippers, well, almost. [Milton Family Album, Narrabeen, early 1980’s]
Joanne Parish, heading out on 2133, Geronimo. [Milton Family Album, Narrabeen, early 1980’s]
2114, Make Tracks, Narrabeen. Note the bow shape and full width track. [Milton Family Album, Narrabeen, late 1970’s?]
Ian Urban on 1250, previously known as Bounty, at a NSW State Titles held at Narrabeen Lakes. [By unknown, Narrabeen Lakes, early 1980’s]
Nats, Lake Macquarie 1977-78 008
Tomato 3129 in the foreground, maybe Jack Carroll on starboard behind him, Chris Cleary on 1918 Janus behind that. [By Jenny Browning, Lake Macquarie, Toronto National Titles Dec./Jan. 1977/78]
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Warren Jones on Back in Black on Narrabeen Lake, Big Rock in the background. [Jones Family Album, Narrabeen, early 1980’s]
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Ron Jones on Goofy Footed on Narrabeen Lake with the scouts tin shed behind. [Jones Family album, Narrabeen, early 1980’s]


Not all the sailing at Toronto happened on the weekend, Greg Barwick on Stanley Crocodile on Kilaben Bay on the Monday after the Regatta. [By Graeme Remington, Kilaben Bay, 19 March 2018]
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1982/83 National Titles, there is even a cadet rig out there. [Norton Family album, Toronto, Dec./Jan. 1982/83]
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Warwick Norton on 1925, on Narrabeen Lakes. [Norton Family album, Narrabeen, early 80’s?]
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National Titles 1982/83 – L to R. 1st row: Graham Young, unknown, unknown, David Stuchbery, Trent Gorman 2nd row: Don Watts, Tony Hastings, Ron Jones, Warwick Norton, Ian Milton, Chris Drury, Peter Stuchbery, Warren Clementson, unknown, unknown, unknown, unknown. Back Row: Warren Jones, unknown, Daren Norton, Rodney Jones, unknown, Paul Kelly, Barry Floyd, Steven Floyd, unknown. Can you add to any of the missing names? [Norton Family album, Toronto, January 1983]
Glenn Bowles on 1250 Bounty, location unknown. [Bowles Family Album, location unknown, late 1970’s?]
While some of us were playing at Inverloch Tony Hastings on Flotsam was giving it a real pounding in 18 – 25 knot winds near Merimbula. [By unknown, Wallagoot Lake, 27 January 2018]
Jim Birch, 2136, Ang-On, Chris Cleary, 1918, Janus & Ian Milton, 2114, Make Tracks, Narrabeen Lakes. [Milton Family Album, Narrabeen, late 1970’s?]
Martin Lloyd, 2050, Just Mean leads Kent Williams, 2100, Spagetti Bender, Narrabeen. [Milton Family Album, Narrabeen, early 1980’s?]
2-04 Sailfish Nationals Juice Moose & the Grub 2
3100 Juice Moose (former GTK) and 3274 Grub, 1975/76 National Titles. [Ramsdale Family Album, Narrabeen, Dec. ’75/Jan.’76]
John Vaughn on Helter Skelta
John Vaughn on Helter Skelta, NarrabeenLakes. [Vaughn Family Album, Narrabeen, 1977?]
John Vaughn on Helter Skelta 1
John Vaughn on Helter Skelta, 1925, CHS Regatta, Belmont. [Vaughn Family Album, Lake Macquarie, 1977?]
Stanley Crocodile, 3330, Peter Coburn, Jim French, Ray Cross, unknown, Banana 3334 and name unknown, 3282, Toronto National Titles, 1977/78 [By Chris Drury, Toronto NSW, Dec./Jan. 1977/78]
Neil Guy with part built 2169, Anarchy. There are some interesting variations in this hull. [Guy Family album, location and date unknown]
Neil Guy, Splinter, Narrabeen. [Guy Family album, Narrabeen Lakes, date unknown]
Back row, Don Watts, Richard Hastings. Next row, Warren Jones, Paul Kelly, Astrid Norton, Darren Norton, Ron Jones. Extreme left, Tony Hastings, then Warwick Norton in front of Warren Jones. Very front, Neil Guy, sitting on Neil, Ian Milton and Dave Watts, Graeme Young to Dave’s left, Rodney Jones in front of Ron Jones. [Guy Family album, Narrabeen, date unknown]
Sailfish Nats 71-72
Front row kneeling, Jack Carroll and Neil Bowles. Second row Brian Carroll, James Champion, Pat Carroll, Rob Champion and Ben Castle. Third row unknown. 1971/72 Narrabeen National Titles. [Bowles Family album, Narrabeen, January 1972]
Neil Bowles, Bounty, Narrabeen. [Bowles family album, Narrabeen, late 1960’s?]
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People – John Vaughn, Glenn Bowles, Chris Cleary, Martin Lloyd & Chris Leyland, back to camera is Russ Vaughn, Neil Bowles and unknown. Boats – 1918 Janus, 2111 Notlim, 1901 Red Emperor, 1257 Fury, 3030 On Target & 3274 Grub. Plus others in the far background. 1975/76 Narrabeen National Titles. [By John Dowzard, Narrabeen, Dec. 75/Jan. 76]


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Steven Floyd, Gargle Blaster, 1986/87 Twofold Bay Nationals. [By unknown, Eden NSW, Dec.1986/Jan. 87]
Ian Milton, 2171, Deceptive Benz and Graeme Remington, 2164, The Licorice Stick, Toronto National Titles 1980/81. [By Warren Broadbent, Lake Macquarie, Dec. 1980/Jan. 1981]
Sailfish May 1968 Pic 4.jpg
Lee Riley at Palm Beach on his then newly minted Sailfish. [By Riley senior, Palm Beach, May 1968]
Suzanne Wines, later Bailey, her boat 1452, Suzy Q, Scott Bailey’s FC Holden, Penrith, late 1960’s. [By Scott Bailey, Penrith, late 1960’s]
Sean Feeney, 2165, Jim, Toronto Nationals, 1982/83. First prototype fibreglass Sailfish from the Tony Bytheway mould. [By Warren Broadbent, Lake Macquarie, Dec. 1982/Jan. 1983]
Emma Milton on Apsu, CHS Regatta 2017. [By Ian Milton, Lake Macquarie, 20 April 2017]
Don Dunbar-Reid, 1602, Nikki-Noo, Narrabeen, 1969/70 National Titles. Don had shipped his Sailfish from PNG for the first Nationals held at Narrabeen. [By Ben Castle, Narrabeen Lakes, Dec. 1969/Jan.1970]
Unknown, Narrabeen, 1969/70 National Titles. [By Ben Castle, Narrabeen Lakes, Dec. 1969/Jan.1970]
Don Dunbar-Reid, Nikki-Noo, Narrabeen, 1969/70 National Titles. [By Ben Castle, Narrabeen Lakes, Dec. 1969/Jan.1970]
From Left, 1206, The Rack, David McPherson; obscured; 1250, Bounty, Neil Bowles; 1803, Jack Carroll on Ken White’s boat; 1257, Fury, Jim Sayers, Narrabeen, 1969/70 National Titles. [By Ben Castle, Narrabeen Lakes, Dec.1969/Jan.1970]
Brian Carroll, Pol, Narrabeen, 1973/74 National Titles. [Carroll Family Album, Narrabeen Lakes, December 1973/January 1974]
Peter McManus, Red Pepper, 1980/81 Nationals. [By John Milton, Lake Macquarie, Toronto, December 1980/January 1981]
Rob Champion, Sish, 1973/74 National Titles, Narrabeen Lakes. [Champion family album, Narrabeen, December 1973/January 1974]

Rob was Australian Junior Champion in 1969/70 and 70/71, Victorian Open Champion in 1972/73 and second in 1974/75 and Australian Open Champion in 1972/73. He was also second in 71/72, 73/74, 74/75 & 75/76.

Dave Watts, 2177, Renegade on Narrabeen Lakes. [By Don Watts, Narrabeen, early 1980’s]
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Ian Milton on Apsu, using Ockerfish’s sail, Narrabeen Lake. [By Emma Milton, Narrabeen, 7 January 2017]
Sailfish fleet at Narrabeen Lakes, early to mid 1980’s. [Norton Family Archive, Narrabeen, exact date unknown]
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Sailfish 1981, originally owned by Melvyn Chapman, then a club boat at Nepean Sailfish Sailing Club. [By Chris Cleary, Mt Riverview, 28 February 2017]
Chris Cleary, 1918, Peter Chapman, 2188 & Ian Milton, Apsu using a borrowed sail, shakedown for the Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta. [By Emma Milton, Narrabeen Lakes, 7 January 2017]
Chris Cleary, Janus, Wentworth Falls Lake, 23 December 2016. [By Jenny Cleary, Wentworth Falls, 23 December 2016]


Chris Cleary, 1918, Janus leads John Dowzard, 1414, Gus, Narrabeen Lakes, mid 1970’s. [Milton Family archives, Narrabeen, mid 1970’s]
Peter Chapman, Argone, 1440, NSW & 193, Victoria in the background, Narrabeen Nationals 1969/70. The only Nationals where races were run from the north side of the lake. [By Ken Cleary, Narrabeen, January 1970]
Warringah Mall Boat Show, October 1967. Ben Castle, first NSW President, on right with pipe. [By unknown, October 1967]
Off Fisherman’s Beach, Long Reef, early 1960’s, Collaroy in the background. [By unknown, exact date unknown]
Warren Jones, Warod, Narrabeen Lakes. [date early 1980’s?]
Twofold Bay Nationals, 1986/87?. Back row, Jack, Cameron Grant, unknown, Rodney Jones, unknown, unknown. Front row, unknown, Chris Johnson, Steven Floyd, Jenny McManus, Warwick Norton, Tony Hastings, Trent Gorman. [By unknown, Twofold Bay, date unknown]
Fury Belmont bay.jpg
Chris Leyland, Fury, Lake Macquarie. [By Rob Leyland, Toronto, 1976]
Peter Chapman, Middle Harbour. [By Chapman Senior, Sydney, 1967]
2135, Furyous, Darren Norton?, 2129, Serendipity, Richard Hastings, 2136, AngOn, Russel Ansoms, 2114, Make Tracks, Ian Milton, Narrabeen, early 1980’s.
Peter Chapman, Middle Harbour. [By Chapman Senior, Sydney, 1967]
Peter Chapman, Narrabeen, 1967. [By unknown, Narrabeen, 1967]
Phillip Cordukes(?), 1496, 1962 & we think that is Neil Bowles on Bounty, 1250 in the background, Narrabeen Lakes. [By H.Stackenburg, Narrabeen, date unknown]
Neil Bowles, Bounty, Narrabeen. [By unknown, Narrabeen, date unknown]
Freshly minted, Spot On by name, spot on by measurement, [By Don Watts, Terrey Hills, date unknown]
Another bad day at the office, unknown victim, Narrabeen, unknown date.
Chris Cleary, Janus, Toronto Nationals 1977/78. [By Ken Cleary, Lake Macquarie, 1977]
Sailfish at Wentworth Falls Lake, 1970. [By Ken Cleary, Wentworth Falls, 1970]
Dressing for dinner is a lost art, Ian Milton & Warren Jones, Narrabeen, Easter, 1982.
Graeme Young, Canuck, 1468, Noxal, 1917 & Splinter, 2134, Narrabeen, date unknown.
John Dowzard, Gus, Narrabeen. [By John Milton, Narrabeen, date unknown]
Peter Chapman, Argone, Narrabeen. [By unknown, Narrabeen, date unknown]
Ian Milton, Make Tracks, Narrabeen. [By John Milton, Narrabeen, 1981]
Greg Barwick, Ockerfish, Toronto Nationals 1980/81. [By John Milton, Lake Macquarie, NSW 1981]
Toronto Nationals 1980/81. Can you name this Mob? Would you want to? [By unknown, Toronto ASC, NSW 1980]
Heat start at Toronto Nationals 1980/81. [By John Milton, Lake Macquarie, NSW, 1980/81]