New South Wales

Sailfish Nats 71-72

Front row kneeling, Jack Carroll and Neil Bowles. Second row Brian Carroll, James Champion, Pat Carroll, Rob Champion and Ben Castle. Third row unknown. 1971/72 Narrabeen National Titles. [Bowles Family album, Narrabeen, January 1972]


Neil Bowles, Bounty, Narrabeen. [Bowles family album, Narrabeen, late 1960’s?]

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People – John Vaughn, Glenn Bowles, Chris Cleary, Martin Lloyd & Chris Leyland, back to camera is Russ Vaughn, Neil Bowles and unknown. Boats – 1918 Janus, 2111 Notlim, 1901 Red Emperor, 1257 Fury, 3030 On Target & 3274 Grub. Plus others in the far background. 1975/76 Narrabeen National Titles. [By John Dowzard, Narrabeen, Dec. 75/Jan. 76]


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Steven Floyd, Gargle Blaster, 1986/87 Twofold Bay Nationals. [By unknown, Eden NSW, Dec.1986/Jan. 87]


Ian Milton, 2171, Deceptive Benz and Graeme Remington, 2164, The Licorice Stick, Toronto National Titles 1980/81. [By Warren Broadbent, Lake Macquarie, Dec. 1980/Jan. 1981]

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Lee Riley at Palm Beach on his then newly minted Sailfish. [By Riley senior, Palm Beach, May 1968]

Suzanne Wines, later Bailey, her boat 1452, Suzy Q, Scott Bailey’s FC Holden, Penrith, late 1960’s. [By Scott Bailey, Penrith, late 1960’s]

Sean Feeney, 2165, Jim, Toronto Nationals, 1982/83. First prototype fibreglass Sailfish from the Tony Bytheway mould. [By Warren Broadbent, Lake Macquarie, Dec. 1982/Jan. 1983]

Emma Milton on Apsu, CHS Regatta 2017. [By Ian Milton, Lake Macquarie, 20 April 2017]

Don Dunbar-Reid, 1602, Nikki-Noo, Narrabeen, 1969/70 National Titles. Don had shipped his Sailfish from PNG for the first Nationals held at Narrabeen. [By Ben Castle, Narrabeen Lakes, Dec. 1969/Jan.1970]

Unknown, Narrabeen, 1969/70 National Titles. [By Ben Castle, Narrabeen Lakes, Dec. 1969/Jan.1970]

Don Dunbar-Reid, Nikki-Noo, Narrabeen, 1969/70 National Titles. [By Ben Castle, Narrabeen Lakes, Dec. 1969/Jan.1970]

From Left, 1206, The Rack, David McPherson; obscured; 1250, Bounty, Neil Bowles; 1803, Jack Carroll on Ken White’s boat; 1257, Fury, Jim Sayers, Narrabeen, 1969/70 National Titles. [By Ben Castle, Narrabeen Lakes, Dec.1969/Jan.1970]

Brian Carroll, Pol, Narrabeen, 1973/74 National Titles. [Carroll Family Album, Narrabeen Lakes, December 1973/January 1974]


Peter McManus, Red Pepper, 1980/81 Nationals. [By John Milton, Lake Macquarie, Toronto, December 1980/January 1981]


Rob Champion, Sish, 1973/74 National Titles, Narrabeen Lakes. [Champion family album, Narrabeen, December 1973/January 1974]

Rob was Australian Junior Champion in 1969/70 and 70/71, Victorian Open Champion in 1972/73 and second in 1974/75 and Australian Open Champion in 1972/73. He was also second in 71/72, 73/74, 74/75 & 75/76.

Dave Watts, 2177, Renegade on Narrabeen Lakes. [By Don Watts, Narrabeen, early 1980’s]

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Ian Milton on Apsu, using Ockerfish’s sail, Narrabeen Lake. [By Emma Milton, Narrabeen, 7 January 2017]


Sailfish fleet at Narrabeen Lakes, early to mid 1980’s. [Norton Family Archive, Narrabeen, exact date unknown]

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Sailfish 1981, originally owned by Melvyn Chapman, then a club boat at Nepean Sailfish Sailing Club. [By Chris Cleary, Mt Riverview, 28 February 2017]


Chris Cleary, 1918, Peter Chapman, 2188 & Ian Milton, Apsu using a borrowed sail, shakedown for the Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta. [By Emma Milton, Narrabeen Lakes, 7 January 2017]


Chris Cleary, Janus, Wentworth Falls Lake, 23 December 2016. [By Jenny Cleary, Wentworth Falls, 23 December 2016]


Colin Guy’s Sailfish, 300, Frustration, Sydney. [By unknown, Australian National Maritime Museum, date unknown]



Chris Cleary, 1918, Janus leads John Dowzard, 1414, Gus, Narrabeen Lakes, mid 1970’s. [Milton Family archives, Narrabeen, mid 1970’s]


Peter Chapman, Argone, 1440, NSW & 193, Victoria in the background, Narrabeen Nationals 1969/70. The only Nationals where races were run from the north side of the lake. [By Ken Cleary, Narrabeen, January 1970]


Warringah Mall Boat Show, October 1967. Ben Castle, first NSW President, on right with pipe. [By unknown, October 1967]


Off Fisherman’s Beach, Long Reef, early 1960’s, Collaroy in the background. [By unknown, exact date unknown]


Warren Jones, Warod, Narrabeen Lakes. [date early 1980’s?]


Twofold Bay Nationals, 1986/87?. Back row, Jack, Cameron Grant, unknown, Rodney Jones, unknown, unknown. Front row, unknown, Chris Johnson, Steven Floyd, Jenny McManus, unknown, Tony Hastings, Trent Gorman. [By unknown, Twofold Bay, date unknown]

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Chris Leyland, Fury, Lake Macquarie. [By Rob Leyland, Toronto, 1976]


Peter Chapman, Middle Harbour. [By Chapman Senior, Sydney, 1967]


2135, Furyous, Darren Norton?, 2129, Serendipity, Richard Hastings, 2136, AngOn, Russel Ansoms, 2114, Make Tracks, Ian Milton, Narrabeen, early 1980’s.


Peter Chapman, Middle Harbour. [By Chapman Senior, Sydney, 1967]


Peter Chapman, Narrabeen, 1967. [By unknown, Narrabeen, 1967]


Phillip Cordukes(?), 1496, 1962 & we think that is Neil Bowles on Bounty, 1250 in the background, Narrabeen Lakes. [By H.Stackenburg, Narrabeen, date unknown]


Neil Bowles, Bounty, Narrabeen. [By unknown, Narrabeen, date unknown]


Freshly minted, Spot On by name, spot on by measurement, [By Don Watts, Terrey Hills, date unknown]


Another bad day at the office, unknown victim, Narrabeen, unknown date.


Chris Cleary, Janus, Toronto Nationals 1977/78. [By Ken Cleary, Lake Macquarie, 1977]


Sailfish at Wentworth Falls Lake, 1970. [By Ken Cleary, Wentworth Falls, 1970]


Dressing for dinner is a lost art, Ian Milton & Warren Jones, Narrabeen, Easter, 1982.


Graeme Young, Canuck, 1468, Noxal, 1917 & Splinter, 2134, Narrabeen, date unknown.


John Dowzard, Gus, Narrabeen. [By John Milton, Narrabeen, date unknown]


Peter Chapman, Argone, Narrabeen. [By unknown, Narrabeen, date unknown]


Ian Milton, Make Tracks, Narrabeen. [By John Milton, Narrabeen, 1981]


Greg Barwick, Ockerfish, Toronto Nationals 1980/81. [By John Milton, Lake Macquarie, NSW 1981]


Toronto Nationals 1980/81. Can you name this Mob? Would you want to? [By unknown, Toronto ASC, NSW 1980]


Heat start at Toronto Nationals 1980/81. [By John Milton, Lake Macquarie, NSW, 1980/81]