Colin Guy’s Sailfish, 300, Frustration, Queensland Maritime Museum, South Brisbane. Originally posted in the NSW Gallery but we have been corrected as to the location, check out more at Frustration at QMM. [By unknown, Queensland Maritime Museum, date unknown]
An update on Royce’s work, and it is looking fine. Next stop, photos of the new boat being sailed, I hope.

I really like the detail on the gunwales. [By Royce Powe, Keppel Bay, Queensland, 5 September 2107]
Getting very close to a sail, lovely work. [By Royce Powe, Keppel Bay, Queensland, 5 September 2017]

Well it has been a very long time between drinks, but here is a new build Queensland boat! What’s that, about 45 years since the last one you say?

Congratulations to Royce on taking the plunge, and we are looking forward to seeing it on the water.

Bottom and sides fitted and faired, just awaiting the deck now. [By Royce Powe, Keppel Bay, Queensland, July (??) 2017]
One half of the bottom fitted, port side faired. [By Royce Powe, Queensland, June 2017]

Frames done, stringers fitted, ready for the bottom to be fitted. [By Royce Powe, Queensland, June 2017]
Caloundra or Maroohchydore, early 1960’s, photographer unknown


Jack, Frustration, Jan 1964, Maroochydore.jpeg
Jack Carroll, 300, Frustration, Maroochydore, January 1964. [By unknown, Maroochydore, 1964]
QLD - 713.jpg
303, Sacrifice, T Holm & 300, Frustration, Colin Guy. [By unknown, QLD, c.1964]
Those Queenslanders sure were masters at moving boats! One on the roof, one in the boot and one on the trailer out the back. [By unknown, QLD, mid 1960’s]
QLD - transport.jpeg
That’s the way to do it! You can’t move boats around this way anymore. [By unknown, QLD, mid 1960’s]
Five! on a 6 x 4 box trailer, with room for one more on the other side! [By unknown, QLD, mid 1960’s]