Linger longer at Yarrawonga

Clearly, last weekend was a big weekend for the relaunching of recovered Australian Sailfish. Not only did Ogg hit the water in Queensland (see the report below) but the two ex Lake Boga boats, 3409 & 3411 took to the waves again at Yarrawonga. The new owners, Mark Teasdale and Craig Conn respectively, will be sailing from Cairn Curran Sailing Club.

Here in his own words, is a brief report from Craig:


Well firstly no breakages of either boat or skipper!! 

We did shake the boys up in the first race and I think we beat them all on handicap as I came in just behind the Impulses.  Mark was a little behind me at the end. 

We both had a great time and really enjoyed our nostalgic weekend and we are looking forward to later in the year at Cairn Curran for the wooden boat regatta.

We had people coming up to us all weekend asking what they were and where can we get one? And then we had the others that told us stories when they had one as a kid or their kids had one, its been an adventure. Both the boats went very well for the little amount of breeze we had.

 We did let everyone know where to find the sailfish website. Maybe we need to get some (more) t shirts made up for the Sailfish events.  Mark and I are keen to maybe do a couple of regattas over the next season. I think I need to work out some padding as its hard sailing the boat in light weather on the old body!! 

Moose on 3409 leads Craig on 3411. [By unknown, Yarrawonga, 30 April 2018]
The reception from the Yarrawonga is great to hear about, it was a regular spot for the Sailfish back in the early days of the Association, might have to make a trip up there for a sail one weekend.

And there are rumours of more Sailfish being built in the Cairn Curran area, we might get a fleet back there again after all these years!


Ogg gets wet!

Well it has been a little while, around 45 years for those of you who are counting, but Ogg is back on the water at her new home, Lake Samsonvale on the north side of Brisbane.

This weekend just gone Warwick turned up at the Lake Samsonvale Sailing Club, rigged up and headed out. Here is his report on the day:


“The kids had a learn to sail day with the club in the morning on Bic’s, then we all went out on Ogg.

My son and daughter both had a sail and skipper of Ogg and loved it.

Warwick and the crew, ready to head out. That is a lovely looking boat. [Norton Family album, Lake Samsonvale, 28 April 2018]
You will notice the rake has been minimised at the moment. I got under the boom reasonably easy so I will bring a bit of rake back.  Ogg went great.  Sail sets well and holds a good trim.  Not bad for 50 years old.

The guys at the club were inquisitive as to what it was.  The club vice commodore’s dad used to sail a ‘fish back in the day.  They were impressed as to how well it sailed.  Pretty good complement to the class considering they mostly sail Nacra cats.

I’m pretty happy with myself…..I didn’t capsize!!   Not much breeze though. 🙂

Now to see if I can still move tomorrow!”


I am wondering what the name of the club vice commodore is, it might be someone we recognise!

Warwick also made contact with Peter Williamson, a sailmaker from the Sunshine Coast who is in the throes of establishing an “Australian Scows & Lowrider Moths” website,  and Andrew Potter who is keeping busy restoring a Sailfish in Brisbane.

More photos can be seen in the Queensland Gallery, here Queensland Sailfish Gallery.



Plan Supervisor’s Report

Back in the day, when we had an active Association running divisions in Victoria, New South Wales, Queensland and Papua New Guinea, it was customary for there to be a plan sales report given at Committee and Annual General Meetings. Well, we don’t have an active Association anymore, and the plans aren’t for sale, but boy has there been a lot of interest shown since the website went live in October 2016 and plans became available to download in November of that year. Over the years I was responsible for making many of these reports but I have never seen one like this one, so here is where the plans have been sent to, so far:

2016 (November and December only)

Victoria, Australia – 3

Queensland, Australia – 1

Australian Capital Territory, Australia – 1

Luxemburg – 1

Netherlands – 1

USA – 1 (Maryland)


Victoria, Australia – 13

New South Wales, Australia – 12

Queensland, Australia – 7

South Australia, Australia – 4

Western Australia – 1

Tasmania – 1

USA – 4 (1 each to California, Connecticut, Indiana & New Jersey)

France – 2

Canada – 2 (1 each to Nova Scotia & British Columbia)

Poland – 2

United Kingdom – 1

Netherlands – 1

Germany – 1

Spain – 1

New Zealand – 1

Brazil – 1

2018 (so far)

New South Wales, Australia – 2

Queensland, Australia – 2

Victoria, Australia – 1

Western Australia, Australia – 1

USA – 1 (Oregon)

Philippines – 1

Jersey, Channel Islands – 1

Switzerland – 1

Canada – 1 (Ottawa)

Germany – 1

Ukraine – 1

Australian Amateur Boat Builder

In the current issue (97) of Australian Amateur Boat Builder there is an article on the resurgence of interest in the Australian Sailfish, written by our own Chris Cleary.

When contacted last week, AABB very generously gave their OK for us to put it up on the site for all to enjoy, so here it is:

AABB Issue 97 Sailfish Zombies

And remember, next time you feel the need for some boat related reading matter, check out our own home grown magazine.