The CDCIW is almost here

That’s right, just two weeks to go!

There will be lots of interesting boats to check out, we have that great venue that so many of us know and love, the Cairn Curran Sailing Club, and with a bit of luck and good weather some excellent sailing to be had as well.

My close personal friend, Accuweather, is telling me that the days should be fine and sunny with temperatures in the mid to high twenties and NO thunderstorms forecast, which will be a relief to those of us that were there last year.

Bring your boat, bring your sailing gear and bring your sunscreen, we will see you at Cairn Curran on Saturday morning the 24th!


Almost time for the CDCIW

Once again we are gearing up for the Classic Dinghy Classes Invitation Weekend, and it’s almost here.

What’s not to love? Cairn Curran, classic boats of all sorts and materials, and lots of Australian Sailfish. With a bit of luck the weather gods will be kinder this year and we won’t have dogs being blown off their chains and thunderstorms circling the lake to keep us (scared?), no, on our toes.

November 24 & 25, Cairn Curran Sailing Club (, I hope we will see you there with your timber or your fibreglass Sailfish.


[Photos from a range of sources, see the Gallery for accreditation]

The 2018 CDCIW is almost here!

That’s right, the 2018 Classic Dinghy Classes Invitation Weekend held at Cairn Curran Sailing Club is just six weeks away. Get your boats ready, sort out your accommodation and we will see you there real soon.

Well yeah, it isn’t Cairn Curran, and it isn’t a Sailfish, but it is a classic dinghy!
Here then, last year’s Sailfish fleet at the 2017 CDCIW. [By Greg Barwick, Cairn Curran, 24 November 2017]

Regatta Season is Coming!

Whether you live in the north, the south, the east or the west it looks like the 2018/19 sailing season will have plenty of opportunities for us to get our Sailfish in the water.  The following is what we know so far:

October 6 – Bendigo Yacht Club Opening Day at Lake Eppalock.

Bendigo is Jack Carroll’s home club and we hope to get a good turnout to start the season. I know that Warwick is coming down from Brisbane with Ogg, and at least a few of us from Melbourne will be there as well, so drag out the boat and get started on all those little things you need to do to be back on the water in just over two months.


November 24 & 25 – Classic Dinghy Classes Invitation Weekend at Cairn Curran.

This will be the second time we have held this event, at a great club with many historical links to the Australian Sailfish. While there will be many of us coming from Victoria and NSW, for those of us who live in Melbourne’s west or the western districts this regatta is the easiest to get to, and this year the weather gods might cooperate.


January 26 to 28 2019 – the Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta at Inverloch.

If we had a “home” regatta this would be it. This is the place where the resurgence in interest in the Australian Sailfish really took off in 2017, so come along and help us be the largest single class for the third year in a row. A very friendly club, an at times “interesting” and “challenging” sailing venue and a terrific weekend. You could even have your photo taken with Jack’s original Australian Sailfish, Debonair, Australian Sailfish number 2, you won’t see that anywhere else!


March 9 & 10 2019 – Wallagoot Lake Boat Club Regatta at Wallagoot Lake.

Home to our own Tony Hastings, owner of Flotsam, and Terry Kirby, owner of 1806, this regatta is just perfectly placed for any of our skippers in Sydney, the south coast of NSW or eastern Victoria. It might even serve as a warm up for the following event.


March 2019 – Toronto Four of a Kind Regatta at Toronto Lake Macquarie.

This is an event for all the Sailfish in Sydney, the Greater Lake Macquarie area and north, and south if you enjoy a drive of course. We turned up last year and cleaned up Division 2, should probably do it again in 2019 so they know it wasn’t a fluke. The exact date is still to be determined but expect the back end of March based on previous years.


April 27 & 28 2019 – The South Australian Wooden Boat Festival at Goolwa.

Chris Cleary and I are taking a couple of Australian Sailfish along to spread the word, and the more the merrier, so come along if you can. This event is held every two years and is just a great indulgence for anyone who loves wooden boats of all kinds. There is plenty to see and do over the weekend.


Of course, there are others, the Sunshine club on Lake Macquarie have a single-handed regatta in early November and and their annual regatta in February, plus there is the Lake Boga Easter Regatta as well.

Lots to choose from, or go mad and come along to them all! See you at a Regatta soon.


CDCIW is coming

The 2018 Classic Dinghy Classes Invitation Weekend at Cairn Curran Sailing Club will be on the weekend of 24 & 25 November. Last year was the inaugural event and while there was a good turnout with plenty of interesting boats (and lots of Sailfish!) the weather was not kind. I am assured that the organising committee have had a word and it won’t happen again (probably).

We are expecting a range of different classes; so far we know we have a 1970’s 18 foot skiff, some Gwen 12’s, Vee Jays, a Moth, a Heavyweight Sharpie and a Javelin coming.  As well as our usual turnout  of Australian Sailfish, there are two new boats added to the Cairn Curran fleet courtesy of Craig Conn and Mark Teasdale. I am told there are also some new builds underway in the greater Cairn Curran area, so some more new boats will be exciting to see.

It is hoped that there will be a chance for skippers to try different classes on the Sunday morning as well, so this might be your big chance to try out an 18 foot skiff or a Javelin, or even an Australian Sailfish!

As more information becomes available I will be updating the blog. In the meantime the attached poster gives some information so you can start planning.

If you can’t bring your boat, bring your sailing gear!

Classic Dinghy Classes Invitation Weekend