What’s New?

Promo for Lake Eppalock, coming up real soon now, and some new Queensland  photos.

Then we added a Calendar, for what’s on when in the world of the Australian Sailfish, check it out.



A few small changes

This website is nearly a year old, and to celebrate Chris and I thought we should try our hand at a slight revamp, hopefully not so much as to scare anyone, least of all ourselves.

The response from everyone has been fantastic, both in turning up at events, with or without a boat, and in online support via stories, photos and emails, so thank you all.

Plan requests have exceeded our wildest expectations and the idea that we have boats being built in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, plus San Francisco and a few places in Europe is just astounding.

There are more photos of our latest Queensland boat in the Queensland Gallery, well done Royce, so have a look at that as well. I am sure that if any of us are up around Keppel Bay it would be a blast to have another Sailfish to race against.

Keep the stories and the photos coming, doesn’t matter if they are old photos or new ones, it is all part of the history of the Australian Sailfish.

What’s been Happening?

It has been a while since I have done one of these, you know, life can get in the way sometimes, so here is a brief rundown of what has been going on, and what is still to come.

Boatbuilds – we know of at least three new boats under construction. Brian Carroll is building a new boat in Victoria, and the details of that with lots of photos as a guide for all you budding boat builders is on this page. As this page is in date order scroll down to read more from Brian, look for A New Carroll Boat, and a blog post date of June 25. Royce has the honour of building the first Queensland boat in at least 45 years (I think), check his photos out in the Queensland Gallery and there is at least one new boat being constructed in NSW. And Jack rang last night and asked me to add his thoughts on Chris Leyland’s post on building from last November, check it out.

Events – the NSW Sailfish Association 50th anniversary get together at Narrabeen Lakes went off a treat, over fifty people turned up, the weather was perfect, plenty of old faces to catch up with, and a few interlopers from south of the border made the effort to come along as well. Plus there were boats to play on!

Back in touch – a couple of notables, Chris Johnson, ex Mokoan has found us, as has Russell Ker, Vimoo Too, number 808, and Bill Jauncey, number 1276, AND we tracked down Tony Bytheway and Graeme Remington in time to get them along to the Narrabeen event. Just got to get them all back on a boat now.

Australian Amateur Boat Builder not only published Chris Cleary’s excellent article on the Australian Sailfish but then very generously gave their permission for us to put the link to it up on the website; if you haven’t seen it yet, trawl down the blog until you find the link, it’s a good read.

Plans – Ian Urban has created a 3D model of the Sailfish for all you budding boat builders, see the Plan Orders page for details on how to be sent a copy and how to load it.

Upcoming Events – As I have said before, for a class that is supposed to be dead, we sure seem to be busy! Next off the blocks is the Cairn Curran Classic Dinghy Weekend, 25 and 26 November; I plan to have Bruce! there, plus Stanley Crocodile and the big one, Leigh Marriott’s boat Mrs Vicious. Leigh was a Cairn Curran boy and the winner of the first Australian Sailfish National Titles, held at Elwood. After that is the Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta, Australia Day weekend 2018, an event that I reckon is not to be missed. Plus the Paynesville Classic Boat Rally AND the Geelong Wooden Boat Festival are on in March 2018. As well as all that we also hope to have a NSW event on Lake Macquarie sometime near the end of the season. Phew, I feel tired just writing all that out! Now don’t panic, you’ll be pleased to know that attendance at all of these events is NOT compulsory.

That’s it for now, keep checking back for more updates.

What’s New?

For a start, we have the upcoming NSW Sailfish Association 50th Anniversary get together at Jamieson Park, Narrabeen Lakes on  the 29th of April. If you can, drop on by, for a few minutes, a few hours or all day if you want.  This is a chance for all of us affected by the formation of the Association in NSW to get together and celebrate the impact it has had on our lives. Bring a boat, bring some lunch, bring the family and catch up with old friends!

We had a great day at Ballarat, four Sailfish, five if you count Stanley Crocodile who was not yet ready to get his feet wet, plus a VJ, a Gwen 12 and a couple of Heavyweight Sharpies. One of the Sailfish was Ken O’Brien, inspired to get his boat out and on the water again after coming down to Inverloch in January. Another was Ian Milton, who decided to drive down from Narrabeen for an afternoon sail and to replicate his 1979/80 photo with Chris Drury, as you do!

Ken Maynard is making good progress with the restoration of Gonzo, and his father is making good progress with the restoration of Helen, Sailfish number 600, both due to start having paint put back on after some weeks of taking the old paint off. So that is two more Sailfish for the 2018 Inverloch Regatta

David has a new, well, 1962, Sailfish he has tracked down and is doing up for his sailing pleasure and with a bit of luck we can convince him to come along to Inverloch next January for the 2018 ICWDR.

Jeff Cole is assembling a boat from a collection of parts he has tracked down, and that will be available soon for someone to work on over winter in preparation for the new season. Jeff is also planning some repair and restoration work for ‘Off, 1870 after a full and exciting season which has left both boat and owner a little stiff and sore!

Chris Cleary has had an article about the Australian Sailfish and it’s resurgence published in Australian Amateur Boat Builder magazine, with a bit of luck it might even lead to a few new boats being built.

Stanley Crocodile has the deck sanded back to bare wood, and in a few badly weathered patches, beyond that (!) and is now ready for the first coat of varnish.

From thisto this
and the varnishing starts this week.

The 2017 Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy regatta has been given it’s own page in the gallery, we have so many photos to post it was going to drown out everything else Victorian, and we couldn’t have that!

Plus a good selection of new photos are being regularly added to the various galleries.

In the next couple of months I will keep the photos and updates coming as we all hunker down and spend the cold months getting our boats ready for the coming season.


What’s New?

Lots, lots is what’s new.

There is a full report on the 2017 Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta under History, because I couldn’t think of anywhere else to put it.

There is a blog entry on the 2017 Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta, with links to a few videos, so go along and add your comments about your experience there. Our own “Banjo” Drury has added a limerick of the event to inspire us all.

There are new photos from the ICWDR, under Gallery/Victoria. If you have some photos of the weekend Chris and I would love to put them up on the site – get in touch.

And finally, there is a blog entry to announce the 50th Anniversary of the NSW Australian Sailfish Association. We will be having a get together on Saturday the 29th of April at Narrabeen, nothing formal, just come along any time from ten until stumps, bring a boat, bring your lunch, and do some catching up.

More photos from Inverloch still to come and maybe even a few from Ian and Janita Milton’s discovery of the Sailfish Trail, from Inverloch to Collaroy Plateau via Port Campbell, Learmonth, Ballarat, Bendigo, Yarrawonga, Cowra and Wentworth Falls.

Site Update

There has been so much going on since the last update!

Newsletters: We now have what we think are ALL the newsletters in captivity available to view from 1964 (!) through to the mid ’80’s thanks to the generosity of Ian Milton and Jack Carroll.  Thank goodness someone held onto all this stuff.  Apart from historical interest, there are some good articles on boat setup and tuning to get you ready for Inverloch. And who knew that there were some successful “soft” i.e. not fully battened, sails in the early days, apart from Jack of course.

NSW Sailfish Association: On the 24th of April 1967 at the home of Ben Castle a meeting was held to form the NSWSA. As a result of this Narrabeen Lakes Sailing Club, which had been in suspension was re-formed and is still going strong. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NSWSA we will be getting together at Narrabeen to sail or to eat or to sail and to eat on the 24th of April 2017. Come along, share some stories and reconnect with old friends. Details will be posted on the site after Inverloch.

Inverloch: Now just a couple of weeks away and by last count we hope to have at least 11 Sailfish for the Regatta.

Photos: As well as the Newsletters we have lots of new photos and more to come.

Register: Lots of historical updates and a few updates to current status but we still want more information, so get in touch if you still have a boat tucked away or know of one.

And that is about it for now, if you can make it to Inverloch, with or without a boat, we would love to catch up, so come on down for a day trip at least if you are based in Melbourne or Eastern Victoria.

Site Update

Two “new” Newsletters added from 1972 & 1973.

Galleries reordered to put the latest photos at the top and the most recently received newspaper cuttings first.

More photos, thanks to all who have contributed, and more newspaper articles as well, some will give you a laugh!

NSW State Titles results added, there are still some gaps though, so if you know more let us know. We hope to be able to add Victorian State Title results soon.

More updates to the Register, people, boats and boat names, check it out and let us know if you have any more information.

Less than eight weeks until the Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta, get your Sailfish out from up in the carport rafters and be there!

Site Updates

Lots happening since the last update:

Jack has given the OK for plans to be made available via the website, look for the cunningly named Plans tab.

More photos added for NSW, Victoria and copies added for QLD, including a “barn find” in Sorrento.

Class History has been started, but there is still a lot more to say, contact us if you have something to add.

Updates to Register and to the Blog, under Boatbuilding and Class History/Memories.

If you have photos, newsletters or National or State Title results that we don’t, we want to hear from you!