Old Boats have Old Sails

And new boats need new sails

Over the nearly two years since we kicked off the website there has been a remarkable and quite unexpected resurgence of interest in the Australian Sailfish. Quite a few boats have been recovered, discovered or just dragged out from under the house, and there has been a good number of new boats built or being built.

However, there is one area of the build or restoration that is beyond most of us working from home, and that is the skills and equipment to repair old sails or make a new one. Whether you need a new sail for your shiny new Sailfish, or your old sail needs replacing, or a new bolt rope, or some stitching replaced, or a patch where a batten has torn through, you really do need the help of an experienced sailmaker. After some discussion between Chris and myself we are happy to recommend the following sailmakers:

Unique Sails – Brian Carroll, Jack’s son – based in Paynesville Victoria, Brian has literally a lifetime of experience with the Australian Sailfish, and has been making sails since he was about 15. His latest Sailfish sail is for Jack’s Toy, his new build from 2017 and it goes like a train.

Website: Uniquesails.com.au

Email: uniquesails@netspace.net.au

Phone: 0411 743 602

Redback Sails – Andy Campbell and James Gough – based in Brookvale NSW and has supplied Ian Milton’s and Chris Cleary’s latest sails, and they are both really happy with them, Chris reckons it is the best Sailfish sail he has ever had (and no, it isn’t his first sail).

Website: Redbacksails.com

Email: info@redbacksails.com

Phone: Andy 0438 111 197

Off the Beach Sails – Peter Williamson – based on the Sunshine Coast Queensland with a focus on dinghy sails and repairs. Peter has access to sail design software and CAD but all his work is done by hand, from measuring to cutting to finishing.

Email: piratepw@gmail.com

Phone: 0405 226 739

Really Simple Sails – Michael Storer – Michael has a strong reputation for his affordable and accessible boat designs and has extensive experience with lug sail development. Really Simple Sails is based in the Phillipines and is offering a discount on their normal price for the first Australian Sailfish sail ordered for delivery into Australia. This is due to the introduction of GST on imported goods being extended to goods less than $1000 and the lack of clarity about how that will be managed. The deal is that the customer has to let Michael know what happens with additional Australian charges.

Website: Reallysimplesails.com

Email: orders@reallysimplesails.com


I have deliberately not listed any prices here, as that will fluctuate with exchange rates depending on where you are and who you order from. If you are ordering a new sail, that will be the time to discuss price and inclusions. Of course, repairs are most easily done locally.

So this gives us a sailmaker in each state on the eastern seaboard of Australia and an overseas supplier as well. These are just some of the sailmakers we know a bit about, you might have a great sailmaker near where you live and be happy to be using them instead. Whoever you choose, I hope they look after you and your Sailfish.


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