CDCIW is coming

The 2018 Classic Dinghy Classes Invitation Weekend at Cairn Curran Sailing Club will be on the weekend of 24 & 25 November. Last year was the inaugural event and while there was a good turnout with plenty of interesting boats (and lots of Sailfish!) the weather was not kind. I am assured that the organising committee have had a word and it won’t happen again (probably).

We are expecting a range of different classes; so far we know we have a 1970’s 18 foot skiff, some Gwen 12’s, Vee Jays, a Moth, a Heavyweight Sharpie and a Javelin coming.  As well as our usual turnout  of Australian Sailfish, there are two new boats added to the Cairn Curran fleet courtesy of Craig Conn and Mark Teasdale. I am told there are also some new builds underway in the greater Cairn Curran area, so some more new boats will be exciting to see.

It is hoped that there will be a chance for skippers to try different classes on the Sunday morning as well, so this might be your big chance to try out an 18 foot skiff or a Javelin, or even an Australian Sailfish!

As more information becomes available I will be updating the blog. In the meantime the attached poster gives some information so you can start planning.

If you can’t bring your boat, bring your sailing gear!

Classic Dinghy Classes Invitation Weekend

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