First News from the 2018 ICWDR

There will be a full report on the Regatta as soon as I can get it written up and posted, but in the meantime . . . . .

We had two boats in the display. One was Jack Carroll’s first boat, Debonair, number 2  and the other was Leigh Marriott’s boat, Mrs Vicious, 1375, winner of the first National Titles. Even with the late withdrawal of Chris Cleary due to injury there were still ten Australian Sailfish competing in the Regatta itself, with visitors from Sydney and across Victoria, which made us (just) the largest class there for the second year in a row.

Our land based crew consisted of a few famous names from the past including Brett and Hayden Ramsdale who were both there over the Friday and the Saturday. We have some great photos already, with many more still to come and yes, this is a hint, I would love to see your photos of the weekend for posting on the website.

And of course, Jack was there, looking very happy and really enjoying seeing all those funny little boats out and about again.

We may never know which Sailfish won the Friday Invitation Race, there was some confusion with a few doing the set four laps and getting the bell and a few doing five before they got the bell, plus a few retirements due to damage or just being tuckered out. The wind peaked at 17 knots at the far end of the course where we had a tide running against the breeze, which made things a bit interesting. What we do know for sure is that Brian Carroll won the Regatta Race on Saturday with Peter Chapman second and Ian Milton third.

Well done to everyone who was able to come along, it made for a terrific weekend.

One thought on “First News from the 2018 ICWDR

  1. Chapter 2 – Inverloch 2018

    An apology needs to be made
    for this uncommissioned tirade.
    Last year’s men
    copped the buccaneer’s pen.
    Let’s see how these others have weighed.

    Andrew Chap must have wondered how wise
    It was to invite once again all these guys.
    And Emma too;
    a proverbial who’s who.
    Who’d have thought a fleet of this size.

    Jeff’s sailing tactic in brief,
    was to dose up on strong pain relief.
    He thought better of that,
    as a matter of fact;
    ‘coz that would have cause him much grief.

    Yet, Jeff took his boat for a burn.
    Damaged hip became a concern.
    His sailfish years
    are behind him it seems.
    Retire is what he did learn.

    Ken M at the start of the race,
    found himself right on the pace.
    On the reach and the run
    he got the job done.
    Just wait ‘coz next year he’ll place.

    Emma soon she did find
    the rest of the fleet were behind.
    But at the next mark
    her boat she did park.
    This venue can sure be unkind.

    Duncan gave up his keel;
    For a boat with a little more heel.
    Like the rest of the mob;
    He found that the job;
    On the gybe was a serious ordeal.

    Ken O got his head in the news.
    The right man the paper did choose.
    The rest of the fleet
    got more than wet feet.
    With no swim Ken was able to cruise.

    At the hub the public could see
    the boats like they all used to be.
    Moths on display
    but any old day,
    the star of the show – Mrs V.


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