Whatever happened to Zippy?

Zippy is one of the lesser known Pat Carroll boats and is that rarest of beasts, an all fibreglass Australian Sailfish, both hull and deck. Pat is Jack Carroll’s younger brother and won a total of 6 Victorian State Titles (the 73/74 title on Zippy) and two National Titles. During the seventies and eighties a few fibreglass Sailfish were made, usually with a fibreglass hull and a wooden deck, like 3342 Glasshopper, but very few were made all fibreglass.

As far as we can tell, Zippy was built for Pat Carroll and fits in between 3160 New Thing and 3250 Ockerfish. This lends some credibility to it being 3189 as that is the only plan shown being sold to Pat between 3160 and 3250. There were a number of plans (plan numbers really) sold to fibreglass boat manufacturers in the same period though, hence the uncertainty.

DSC_8219 - Sailfish 2
Zippy deck, needing some TLC. [By Hayden Ramsdale, somewhere near Melbourne, 26 December 2017]
Zippy didn’t give Pat the results he was after, so after he had finished with Zippy, whatever the number was, it languished in his back yard until Glenn Thatcher bought the hull and it then passed on to Brett Ramsdale, who has had it ever since. In the early eighties Brett acquired from me, the original Ockerfish sail, as I had just bought a new one, but there things stalled. With the resurgence in interest in the Sailfish Brett has decided the time has come to do some restoration work. It is unclear yet as to how extensive the task is, but Brett is considering removing the deck, doing a repair and refit and then replacing the deck.

DSC_8218 - Sailfish 2.jpg
Zippy’s hull showing the deck join and a few marks and bumps. [By Hayden Ramsdale, somewhere near Melbourne, 26 December 2017]
While an all fibreglass boat won’t make the cut at the Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta, it is a perfect fit for the Classic Dinghy Invitation Weekend, so we hope to see Zippy back on the water at Cairn Curran soon.

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