Lake Boga Sailfish

Through the eighties Lake Boga Yacht Club became a strong centre for Sailfish in the north west of Victoria, and a lot of this was due to the efforts of Ray Hale, and the involvement of his daughter Julie. With the Association going out of action in the late eighties, these boats and their history were lost.

Just before Christmas I received an email saying that the sender had tracked down a couple of Sailfish, so I waited about thirty seconds, and followed up on the lead. Rod, the sender, is looking for a wooden Cherub to restore and during his search made contact with Phil Robin, the Lake Boga Yacht Club Commodore who mentioned that he had two Australian Sailfish at the club that were looking for a new home.

So I called Phil, we had a bit of a chat, but with Christmas looming we decided to follow it up further in the New Year. Both boats are complete as far as we can tell, both have been stored under cover, which is great news, and Phil expects that both will be available for new homes in 2018. The details are yet to be sorted out, Christmas getting in the way and all, but I do know that the two boats are 3409, Sharkie,

3409 Sharkie. [By Phil Robin, LBYC, December 17 2017]
and 3411, name unknown.

3411. [By Phil Robin, LBYC, December 17 2017]
The 3409 plan number was sold to Barry Middleton and the 3411 plan number was sold to Bruce Truelove, both in August 1981.

If you have any information on either of these boats please get in touch, I would love to be able to give a bit more history to them both, and all going well, keep an eye out on the website Classifieds in January for more.

And if you do happen to know of a wooden Cherub that is looking for a new home, let us know, it would be nice to return favour for Rod.

One thought on “Lake Boga Sailfish

  1. As of yesterday 3411 is now in my hands hoping to get it on the water next weekend for a refloat. The boat is in great nick. Also the other boat has been purchased by another Cairn Curran sailing club member Mark Teasdale. We are hoping to have some fun on these boats.


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