Another Great Find!

For those of us of a certain age, and who cut our sailing teeth at Narrabeen, the name Cordukes is built into our sailing story. Alex and his son Phillip were regulars at State Titles, National Titles and pretty well every weekend of the sailing season at NLSC right through the seventies, always there and always ready to lend a hand.

During October we received an email from Ameli to say that he was the current owner of Chop Chop registered number 1932, and that he had bought it second hand in Leichhardt in 2004 in a bric a brac shop. Chop Chop was owned by Phillip Cordukes, and both this and Alex’s boat, Alvacore, 1496, were built by Alex. Astoundingly for this sort of find, Chop Chop is complete, right down to the cane battens, well, alright, maybe one is missing.

Chop Chop, Sailfish 1932, rigged and ready for action, almost. [By Jenny Cleary, Hawkesbury, 4 November 2017]
Chris Cleary inspected Chop Chop last Saturday, Nov 4. He reports that her new home port is Milsons Passage, a stunning little collection of cottages and boatsheds on the riverbank 5 km upstream from the Hawkesbury River Bridge, north of Sydney. The place is only accessible by boat. Her new skipper is Ameli Tanchitsa. He is pleased to also report that the boat is in remarkably good condition. Although the hull will ultimately be sanded back and revarnished, it could be sailed as is. It just needs a mainblock, a mainsheet of adequate length, a pair of diamond struts and a new starboard chainplate.

Chop Chop
Ameli and Chop Chop on the banks of the Hawkesbury  [By Jenny Cleary, Milsons Passage, 4 November, 2017]


Apart from the many memories of sailing against Phillip, and Alex, at Narrabeen I have one memory that stands out; we stayed at Bundeena one Easter and the Cordukes were nearby with both their boats, so Phillip and I spent a great day sailing on Port Hacking in quite big seas, surfing waves past the ferry at times!

A familiar sight to many of us, note the spring retainer clip for the rudder and the registration tag. [By Jenny Cleary, Hawkesbury, 4 November 2017]
This find is great news for a number of reasons, firstly because it is a boat that many of us know and have fond memories of, and secondly because it does show that there are still boats out there, some like Chop Chop complete, just waiting to be found. So get out there and start looking, this gives us all the opportunity to choose to build or to restore, whichever we prefer.


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