A few small changes

This website is nearly a year old, and to celebrate Chris and I thought we should try our hand at a slight revamp, hopefully not so much as to scare anyone, least of all ourselves.

The response from everyone has been fantastic, both in turning up at events, with or without a boat, and in online support via stories, photos and emails, so thank you all.

Plan requests have exceeded our wildest expectations and the idea that we have boats being built in Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, plus San Francisco and a few places in Europe is just astounding.

There are more photos of our latest Queensland boat in the Queensland Gallery, well done Royce, so have a look at that as well. I am sure that if any of us are up around Keppel Bay it would be a blast to have another Sailfish to race against.

Keep the stories and the photos coming, doesn’t matter if they are old photos or new ones, it is all part of the history of the Australian Sailfish.


One thought on “A few small changes

  1. A little birdie told me there has been at least one set of plans out into the world every week since Jack gave his blessing to the site. Well done Greg and Chris! Looking forward to seeing the new boats out and about.

    Love the work Royce, your new Queensland Sailfish looks fast even sitting still.


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