Vimo Too, Sailfish 808

This in this morning from Russell Ker . . . .


Hi, quick intro, my Sailfish was Vimo Too, number 808. I sailed at the Beaumaris yacht club from 1968 to 73. I, sadly, have no photos of my old boat. So I am hoping someone has a photo of 808, from the early seventies and could forward it on to me. I sailed in the Nationals and State titles 72/73? (Cairn Curran, Eppalock and Parkdale). Great to see this site has appeared, looking at the old pictures and newsletters from the early seventies has brought back some great memories. I still manage to get out on the water, Haines Hunter and a SUP, times have changed!




So, how about it then? Does anyone out there have a photo (or two, or three) that we could forward on to Russell? If you do, get in touch through the Contact page and we will organise to send it on.


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