Cheap Clamps!

I knew that would get your attention.

These are the improvised clamps that were used along with a few conventional models by Brian Carroll in the building of his new Sailfish. And there is an update on that as well, so scroll down and have a look at some really nice work in the latest photos.

But now, back to the clamps. First, get a length of 100mm diameter plastic waste pipe with a wall thickness of around 8 – 10 mm. Then cut this into roughly 30mm wide sections, so you end up with lots of little waste pipes. Then cut with a fine blade, like a hacksaw blade, each section along the 30mm length. Even with this split the section will be quite hard to open, thus creating a strong grip, a clamp.

If you are concerned about marking the deck slip some scrap pieces in between the deck and the plastic, and if any of the above is unclear check out the blog below on “A New Carroll Boat” dated June 25 and have a look at the picture roughly six down as of this writing to get a visual.


So Jack rang last night . . . . . .

Jack Carroll, class co-designer, specifically wanted to ask me to add his comments on what an excellent post, titled More on Boat Building, Chris Leyland had written last November about building a Sailfish.

Jack thought that Chris had really encouraged first time builders and had also captured the essence of what the boat is about, simple to build, fun to sail, easy to transport and, in the right hands, a very competitive boat for teenager or adult.

So have a look at what Chris has to say, look for his entry in the November posts or select Boatbuilding under Blog Topics, check out the information on the builds we know about, and have a go!


What’s been Happening?

It has been a while since I have done one of these, you know, life can get in the way sometimes, so here is a brief rundown of what has been going on, and what is still to come.

Boatbuilds – we know of at least three new boats under construction. Brian Carroll is building a new boat in Victoria, and the details of that with lots of photos as a guide for all you budding boat builders is on this page. As this page is in date order scroll down to read more from Brian, look for A New Carroll Boat, and a blog post date of June 25. Royce has the honour of building the first Queensland boat in at least 45 years (I think), check his photos out in the Queensland Gallery and there is at least one new boat being constructed in NSW. And Jack rang last night and asked me to add his thoughts on Chris Leyland’s post on building from last November, check it out.

Events – the NSW Sailfish Association 50th anniversary get together at Narrabeen Lakes went off a treat, over fifty people turned up, the weather was perfect, plenty of old faces to catch up with, and a few interlopers from south of the border made the effort to come along as well. Plus there were boats to play on!

Back in touch – a couple of notables, Chris Johnson, ex Mokoan has found us, as has Russell Ker, Vimoo Too, number 808, and Bill Jauncey, number 1276, AND we tracked down Tony Bytheway and Graeme Remington in time to get them along to the Narrabeen event. Just got to get them all back on a boat now.

Australian Amateur Boat Builder not only published Chris Cleary’s excellent article on the Australian Sailfish but then very generously gave their permission for us to put the link to it up on the website; if you haven’t seen it yet, trawl down the blog until you find the link, it’s a good read.

Plans – Ian Urban has created a 3D model of the Sailfish for all you budding boat builders, see the Plan Orders page for details on how to be sent a copy and how to load it.

Upcoming Events – As I have said before, for a class that is supposed to be dead, we sure seem to be busy! Next off the blocks is the Cairn Curran Classic Dinghy Weekend, 25 and 26 November; I plan to have Bruce! there, plus Stanley Crocodile and the big one, Leigh Marriott’s boat Mrs Vicious. Leigh was a Cairn Curran boy and the winner of the first Australian Sailfish National Titles, held at Elwood. After that is the Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta, Australia Day weekend 2018, an event that I reckon is not to be missed. Plus the Paynesville Classic Boat Rally AND the Geelong Wooden Boat Festival are on in March 2018. As well as all that we also hope to have a NSW event on Lake Macquarie sometime near the end of the season. Phew, I feel tired just writing all that out! Now don’t panic, you’ll be pleased to know that attendance at all of these events is NOT compulsory.

That’s it for now, keep checking back for more updates.

Vimo Too, Sailfish 808

This in this morning from Russell Ker . . . .


Hi, quick intro, my Sailfish was Vimo Too, number 808. I sailed at the Beaumaris yacht club from 1968 to 73. I, sadly, have no photos of my old boat. So I am hoping someone has a photo of 808, from the early seventies and could forward it on to me. I sailed in the Nationals and State titles 72/73? (Cairn Curran, Eppalock and Parkdale). Great to see this site has appeared, looking at the old pictures and newsletters from the early seventies has brought back some great memories. I still manage to get out on the water, Haines Hunter and a SUP, times have changed!




So, how about it then? Does anyone out there have a photo (or two, or three) that we could forward on to Russell? If you do, get in touch through the Contact page and we will organise to send it on.