The Regattas are coming!

The Cairn Curran Classic Dinghy Invitation Weekend is now just FIVE months away, so you better get started on your preparations, it will be with us in no time!


And that means it is just SEVEN months until the 2018 Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta. This year’s Regatta was a turning point for the resurgence of the Australian Sailfish and we would like to have even more boats there in 2018, so start planning!


While it is to cold to be doing any painting in the southern states, you can still start to get things ready. Out with the gear, check those stays and blocks, make a list of what needs a coat of paint or varnish, in only another couple of months it might be warm enough to do some painting, I hope.


A new Carroll boat

It has been a very long time since one of the Carroll clan has built a new Sailfish but it is now officially time for the rest of us to start worrying, Brian has made a start on his new boat, and the sail is already done! If you are building or thinking about building keep checking out the photos on this blog, you really won’t get a better guide.

Latest update now at the top, Brian is racing along!

So here it is! New boat, new sail, new cradle, original Ockerfish mast sleeved to straighten and add the height it always needed. Note go fast hammer and water bottle. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 29 July 2017]
I am blown away! I didn’t think you could get ply that looked this good anymore. Check out the grain pattern and the detail on the nose. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 19 July 2017]
Hull turned and bottom epoxied, looking very nice. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 19 July 2017]
Deck epoxied. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 17 July 2017]
Check out the gunwale detail, overlapping the ply like this makes for a stronger and more watertight fit, and rounding the edge makes it just a LOT more comfortable. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 14 July 2017]
And the clamps come off. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 14 July 2017]
And the deck is on! No more secrets to be revealed about construction techniques then. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 11 July 2017]
Centreboard case detail. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 11 July 2017]
In the above photo note the blocks for the traveller and for the footstraps.

Chainplate and side detail, see my comments below. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 11 July 2017]
For those playing close attention to Brian’s progress there are a few thing to be aware of in the above photo. Firstly, the use of plywood sides, this keeps the weight down but does require the recalculation of frame sizes due to the reduced width of the sides. Also note the reinforcing around the chainplate for strength and rigidity and that the inside has been epoxied to seal the ply.

And turned over! Note the extra stringers for added strength and stiffness. Gunwales to go on tonight I am told. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 5 July 2017]
Bottom ply on, edges trimmed, Rana (the dog) inspecting for faults. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 5 July 2017]
Port side fitted, I don’t think the carpet roll or the fan in the background are a part of the same project. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 4 July 2017]
Starboard side fitted. Note the keel shaping and that at least some of the deck stringers are already in. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 4 July 2017]
And today’s helpful hint for all you budding boat builders out there – do both sides on the same day, DO NOT do one side and think you can come back tomorrow to do the other. You might find you have a slightly twisted hull.

Centreboard case detail. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 29 June 2017]
Transom fitted over frame 6, keel has started to be shaped. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 29 June 2017]
Bottom stringers and keel plank fitted. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville,29 June 2017]
Six days ago, Brian said progress might be slow, if that is the case I would be stunned to see what he could do when he was in a hurry! The three photos above were received this morning.

You might like to review Chris Cleary’s comments below about how fast a build can be!

Frame set up, looking from the stern. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 26 June 2017]
And there has been progress, today’s photo update is above.

Deck plank with centreboard slot cut out and set up on strong back. It does seem a bit minimalist so far. [By Brian Carroll, Paynesville, 23 June 2017]
Chris Cleary has seen the photo above, his comment . . . . “But a Sailfish can go from next to nothing to a completed hull in a very short time. Good on ya Brian. See you at Cairn Curran”