New! Improved! NSW Sailfish Assoc. 50th, an update, update update!

Three days to go! And the weather gods are being kind.

The current forecast is for around 20 degrees and 6 to 8 knots, even I can cope with that.

The Manly Daily has posted an article on our reunion, the link is below, click on the calendar to find the April 26 edition, and the relevant page is page 9:

Manly Daily

Surnames of those we are aware of so far that hope to attend include:

Castle, Chapman, Cleary, Barwick, Milton, Leyland, Urban, Bundock, Kelly, Dowzard, Carroll, Norton, Watts, Guy, a completely different Guy, Lenton, Remington, Bytheway, Bowles, Vaughn, Lloyd, Ansems, Westlake, McManus, Hall

I thought I had mentioned this in an earlier post but in case I missed it, this is a family affair, so bring your wives, bring your husbands, bring your boyfriends, your girlfriends, bring your kids, just think, it will give them a whole new way to be embarrassed about you.

So it is looking like a big day, really hope to see you there.

Get your sailing gear ready and prepare to wallow in nostalgia!

The Penrith Press have published an article promoting the day, click on the Penrith Press link below to check out the article:


Penrith Press
13 Apr 2017






Jamieson Park, south side of Narrabeen Lakes, from around 10 a.m. until stumps on Saturday the 29th of April. Be sure to bring some lunch and something to drink, please bring any photos you can find, so we can copy them for future postings.

And see you all real soon.


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