New! Improved! NSW Sailfish Assoc. 50th, an update, update update!

Three days to go! And the weather gods are being kind.

The current forecast is for around 20 degrees and 6 to 8 knots, even I can cope with that.

The Manly Daily has posted an article on our reunion, the link is below, click on the calendar to find the April 26 edition, and the relevant page is page 9:

Manly Daily

Surnames of those we are aware of so far that hope to attend include:

Castle, Chapman, Cleary, Barwick, Milton, Leyland, Urban, Bundock, Kelly, Dowzard, Carroll, Norton, Watts, Guy, a completely different Guy, Lenton, Remington, Bytheway, Bowles, Vaughn, Lloyd, Ansems, Westlake, McManus, Hall

I thought I had mentioned this in an earlier post but in case I missed it, this is a family affair, so bring your wives, bring your husbands, bring your boyfriends, your girlfriends, bring your kids, just think, it will give them a whole new way to be embarrassed about you.

So it is looking like a big day, really hope to see you there.

Get your sailing gear ready and prepare to wallow in nostalgia!

The Penrith Press have published an article promoting the day, click on the Penrith Press link below to check out the article:


Penrith Press
13 Apr 2017






Jamieson Park, south side of Narrabeen Lakes, from around 10 a.m. until stumps on Saturday the 29th of April. Be sure to bring some lunch and something to drink, please bring any photos you can find, so we can copy them for future postings.

And see you all real soon.


Western Districts Sailing

From Andrew Mclure some memories of Camperdown and Derrinallum . . . . .

I sailed Hot Stuff number 3354 for a number of years in the early 1980s having purchased the boat from Dean Clementson who sailed at Camperdown Yacht Club. I sailed the boat at Derrinallum Yacht Club and won the senior club championship with it at age 14. It was fantastic to sail and I have fond memories taking it to all the Western Victoria regattas as my father was president of the Western Victoria Yachting Association. In those days Camperdown had a large fleet of Sailfish.

The boat was in a shed on my parents farm, however when they sold the farm some 5 years ago I believe the boat was left behind and I am sure it no longer exists as the new owners of the property knocked down all the sheds and so it was probally destroyed in the process. No better boat flying down wind than a Sailfish.



And just by the way, the Clementson’s were a big part of the growth and success of Sailfish at Camperdown, giving generously of their time and equipment. The photo in the Victorian Gallery of the trailer with four Sailfish behind the Gemini van, that trailer was loaned by the Clementsons, enabling a few junior sailors the experience of going to a National Titles that they otherwise would not have had. And it was a brilliant trailer to tow, loaded like that and you hardly knew it was there.



What’s New?

For a start, we have the upcoming NSW Sailfish Association 50th Anniversary get together at Jamieson Park, Narrabeen Lakes on  the 29th of April. If you can, drop on by, for a few minutes, a few hours or all day if you want.  This is a chance for all of us affected by the formation of the Association in NSW to get together and celebrate the impact it has had on our lives. Bring a boat, bring some lunch, bring the family and catch up with old friends!

We had a great day at Ballarat, four Sailfish, five if you count Stanley Crocodile who was not yet ready to get his feet wet, plus a VJ, a Gwen 12 and a couple of Heavyweight Sharpies. One of the Sailfish was Ken O’Brien, inspired to get his boat out and on the water again after coming down to Inverloch in January. Another was Ian Milton, who decided to drive down from Narrabeen for an afternoon sail and to replicate his 1979/80 photo with Chris Drury, as you do!

Ken Maynard is making good progress with the restoration of Gonzo, and his father is making good progress with the restoration of Helen, Sailfish number 600, both due to start having paint put back on after some weeks of taking the old paint off. So that is two more Sailfish for the 2018 Inverloch Regatta

David has a new, well, 1962, Sailfish he has tracked down and is doing up for his sailing pleasure and with a bit of luck we can convince him to come along to Inverloch next January for the 2018 ICWDR.

Jeff Cole is assembling a boat from a collection of parts he has tracked down, and that will be available soon for someone to work on over winter in preparation for the new season. Jeff is also planning some repair and restoration work for ‘Off, 1870 after a full and exciting season which has left both boat and owner a little stiff and sore!

Chris Cleary has had an article about the Australian Sailfish and it’s resurgence published in Australian Amateur Boat Builder magazine, with a bit of luck it might even lead to a few new boats being built.

Stanley Crocodile has the deck sanded back to bare wood, and in a few badly weathered patches, beyond that (!) and is now ready for the first coat of varnish.

From thisto this
and the varnishing starts this week.

The 2017 Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy regatta has been given it’s own page in the gallery, we have so many photos to post it was going to drown out everything else Victorian, and we couldn’t have that!

Plus a good selection of new photos are being regularly added to the various galleries.

In the next couple of months I will keep the photos and updates coming as we all hunker down and spend the cold months getting our boats ready for the coming season.