The Trials of older boats

This in this week from Jeff, one of our Inverloch Irregulars . . . .

Gave 1870 a big workout on the weekend. Fast but she showed her age and so did I.
Could not get comfortable unless hiking out, my hips are not as flexible as they once were!
Pulled the rudder screws out of the transom (rot)
Glue joint in the mast failed, repairable.
Who knows what we used way back then.
Good to see Ken back on the water too.

So, some wintertime repair and restoration in store to be ready for the 2018 Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta then.


One thought on “The Trials of older boats

  1. Well, it was PVA on the mast I guess, A bit of leverage and wallah! 2 mast halves with thin slice of white powder on both. Probably on the whole boat…
    I wonder what will fail next?
    I have been studying some of the old pics in search off a more comfortable way of sailing the thing. Worse than a VJ I reckon.
    Andy I are mulling over a more dignified name than ‘OFF for the old girl.


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