NSW Sailfish Association 50th Anniversary

On the 24th of April 1967 a brave group of pioneers gathered at the home of Ben Castle to form the NSW Australian Sailfish Association. This group then went on to re-establish the Narrabeen Lakes Sailing Club, with winter races starting that same May, before a full summer season commenced in 1967/68. Narrabeen went on to become the powerhouse of Sailfish in NSW for many years and a successful and still strong club to this day.

Jack Carroll on Ace of Clubs, Queen’s Birthday weekend 1967

To celebrate the 50th Anniversary we are holding a get-together at Narrabeen on Saturday 29th April 2017 from 10 am until we are done. This is not a regatta, but rather a day to get together, perhaps have a sail, have some lunch, and tell outrageous lies about how good we all were.

If you still have a Sailfish, bring it along! There will be at least a few Sailfish there for general use, so if you seem to have misplaced yours and would like to renew acquaintances with the boat, be sure to bring some sailing gear.

We are still deciding if the venue will be Jamieson Park or the Bilarong Reserve on the Wakehurst Parkway side. Jamieson Park is the obvious choice due to the location of the sailing club, but I am reliably told that the sailing is better from the north side of the lake these days.

If you know anyone from the early days, ask them along, this is a reason to catch up, and to celebrate; one way or another that meeting in 1967 had a big impact on many of our lives.

Bring your own lunch, memories, memorabilia and photos. Let us know via the contact page if you will be there.



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