Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta 2017

Well that went well.

We had Jack Carroll, and eleven Sailfish turn out for what was a fantastic weekend with good weather, good wind and a good crowd. As well as the “old” Sailfish skippers with boats we had a heap of old hands who came along to have a look and we were very lucky that Hayden Ramsdale turned up with his camera gear and has taken some fantastic photos.

Hayden’s video of the race day is here, Tony Hasting’s GoPro footage can be seen here, and Graham Bignell’s video can be seen here.

There is a full report, with photos, up on the site now, under the History tab, so check that out; it might be time to start getting your boat ready for next year’s Regatta, it really is too good to miss.

Feel free to leave a comment here with your own memories of the weekend.


2 thoughts on “Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta 2017

  1. And from our own poet of the West, . . . .

    Sailfish at the 2017 Inverloch Classic Wooden Dinghy Regatta

    For months it was all the chatter,
    Let’s go to the Wooden regatta.
    Inverloch was the place,
    We all packed a case,
    The performance would not really matter.

    Tony’s boat it came from the lake,
    For free he was able to take.
    It gave him some strife,
    But he gave it new life,
    That sail? It looks like a fake.

    Chris D had the crowd all bemused,
    “Blowed if I Know” the boat used.
    To make it go quicker,
    A small Jesus sticker,
    Mixed messages had them confused.

    Cleary hoists up his gear,
    A sail that was cut yester-year.
    All of that said,
    He still fills us with dread,
    What can one do except cheer.

    Crossie did wander the beach,
    ‘Mongst some that once he did teach.
    With tweeks and pokes,
    He inspects the boats,
    And says “Make it fast on the reach”.

    It was meant to be a grudge match,
    The starter was set for dispatch.
    But the stragglers did find,
    Themselves well behind,
    Their starting skills not up to scratch.

    The local knew his way round,
    His race it should have been sound.
    But rather than winning,
    He seemed to be swimming,
    And soon had his boat on the ground.

    A surprise we shall never forget,
    Ian no doubt has regret.
    He went for the jibe,
    There was no place to hide,
    That lovely red sail got wet.

    Peter, he travelled so far,
    A long way to come in the car.
    But his race hit a rut,
    When he took a short cut,
    And found himself on the sandbar.

    Now most of us enter a race,
    And hope to secure a place.
    But Brian was thinking,
    To stop him from sinking,
    He must reach the finish apace.

    The boy from Cairn Curran we know,
    Came down with a boat that could go.
    But he carried some freight,
    Which we thought was great,
    The result was a little bit slow.

    In glory the race was devoid,
    Sad news for our own Mr Floyd.
    For some a debacle,
    But not for boat “Gargle”,
    Yet his wife, her book more enjoyed.

    History indeed it was made,
    By those folks with their boats on The Glade.
    Greg won the prize,
    It was such a surprise,
    For once he had nothing to say.

    Along came the lass from the paper,
    Who wanted to learn of this caper.
    We sent her to Jack,
    She didn’t come back,
    Her interest did not seem to taper.

    With this lass from the paper so fair,
    Jack spoke of his boat “Debonair.”
    The story was great,
    that came from our mate,
    and the paper sold out everywhere.

    Hats off to the yacht club of course,
    Who set up a tricky race course.
    The welcome was great,
    And it didn’t abate,
    We all left the place wanting more.


  2. Great fun at inverloch, 11 sailfish lined up on the beach and an Official Race no less. Perfect weather and tides. Much thanks to the SGYC organising committee and the club in general for hosting such an enjoyable event.
    I was way too busy talking and sailing to take much in the way of pics but there will be plenty. I think Jack didn’t stop all weekend, an amazing man, taught me how to gybe the beast, finally!
    Jeff (1870) cole


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