Site Update

There has been so much going on since the last update!

Newsletters: We now have what we think are ALL the newsletters in captivity available to view from 1964 (!) through to the mid ’80’s thanks to the generosity of Ian Milton and Jack Carroll.  Thank goodness someone held onto all this stuff.  Apart from historical interest, there are some good articles on boat setup and tuning to get you ready for Inverloch. And who knew that there were some successful “soft” i.e. not fully battened, sails in the early days, apart from Jack of course.

NSW Sailfish Association: On the 24th of April 1967 at the home of Ben Castle a meeting was held to form the NSWSA. As a result of this Narrabeen Lakes Sailing Club, which had been in suspension was re-formed and is still going strong. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of the NSWSA we will be getting together at Narrabeen to sail or to eat or to sail and to eat on the 24th of April 2017. Come along, share some stories and reconnect with old friends. Details will be posted on the site after Inverloch.

Inverloch: Now just a couple of weeks away and by last count we hope to have at least 11 Sailfish for the Regatta.

Photos: As well as the Newsletters we have lots of new photos and more to come.

Register: Lots of historical updates and a few updates to current status but we still want more information, so get in touch if you still have a boat tucked away or know of one.

And that is about it for now, if you can make it to Inverloch, with or without a boat, we would love to catch up, so come on down for a day trip at least if you are based in Melbourne or Eastern Victoria.


2 thoughts on “Site Update

  1. G’day all.
    In the September 1970 ‘newsreel’ a proposed book on the Sailfish was mentioned. Did anything ever come of the idea?
    On the subject such a venture could be approached now whilst we have Jack as editor/fact checker/book signer or just be published electronically.
    There were a lot of plans sold and boats built and many names in those newsletters, I wonder if a search could be made, or dare I say it. Facebook?
    They can’t all have gone to the tip, a cattle farmer near Korumburra in Victoria has one in his shed. I met him last year but have no contact.
    Jeff Cole


    1. Hi Jeff
      The book idea was not gone ahead with. It is the hope of Chris and myself that this website will take up at least some of that role. Any of the history of the class is either from our combined experience, from others experience or has been cross checked with Jack before we post.
      We think that roughly a quarter of the plans sold were built, and you are right there must be quite a few boats still out there in people’s garage rafters, down at the holiday home or under the house, and we are trying to track down as many as possible. I guess that means you have to now go from farm to farm until you find the mystery boat!


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