General Sailfish Stuff

This is the place to have your say about Sailfish, renew old connections, or even make new ones.  Enjoy.

But just so ya know, we will be moderating the blog, just to keep things on an even keel – oh look a nautical reference!


2 thoughts on “General Sailfish Stuff

  1. The skipper of “Janus” remembers being on the beach at Narrabeen Lakes to see “Serendipity” launched for the first time by Richard Hastings and his very young son, Tony. Tony writes “…..

    Great work!
    I sailed 2171 “Deceptive Benz” at Narrabeen Lake in the 80’s, and raced in NSW + Vic state titles and Nationals.
    These days I race Paper Tiger catamaran and NS14 at Wallagoot Lake, far-south Coast NSW.
    My Dad Richard built and sailed 2129 “Serendipity” and “Excellerator”. He still sails – a Nacra 14square at Fitzroy Falls.


    1. The former skipper of Ockerfish comments . . . .

      Hi Tony

      Good to hear from you, and hope you can make it to Inverloch for a sail. We probably crossed paths at Toronto in 1980/81 when I had Ockerfish, 3250. Did you know that Paul Kelly won a Nationals on Serendipity (2129 by the way), I think it would have been 1984/85 but still have to confirm the date.


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